State of Vogue: April 2014

I’m sure that this was your reaction when you saw the cover of the upcoming April issue of Vogue US:


Vogue had barely released its digital copy of its upcoming April edition when the internet exploded with complaints about its choice of cover stars. When I first saw the cover I didn’t even want to write about it, but when I saw the magnitude of criticism that it was attracting I changed my mind.

I do wonder what influenced Ms. Wintour’s decision in choosing them.  Personally I don’t think that Vogue should lower its standards when it comes to placing celebrities on its cover.  It is a highly-regarded fashion and lifestyle magazine and it should only feature celebrities that uphold the standards that Vogue has come to represent.  Vogue should not foray into the sub par category of celebrity gossip magazines by placing reality stars on its cover.

This really would have been an improvement; the fabuloooous Miss Piggy and her beau Kermit. Image THE MUPPETS/FACEBOOK

But enough about that, for those of us who cannot stand looking at the cover I suggest sticking wrapping paper over it, or maybe a picture of another celebrity.

What I want to hear are Andre Leon Talley’s comments on the cover.  I’m almost certain he’s saying something like this:

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