Koko Karibi Designs

A Koko Karibi necklace used in a Trinidad Fashion Coda photoshoot. Image KOKO KARIBI DESIGNS/TRINIDAD FASHION CODA/FACEBOOK

After my Van Cleef and Arpels post over the weekend, I’m still coming down from a major jewelry high. So, I was very glad when I got a Facebook update from one of my favorite local jewelry designers- Koko Karibi Designs!

Koko Karibi green adventurine and gold-plated bangles. Image KOKO KARIBI DESIGNS/FACEBOOK

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand, Koko Karibi is a Trinidadian jewelry company that produces handmade limited-edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. They utilize semi- precious stones, brass, gilded metals and beautiful wood and crystals to make eye catching gems that are offered for accessible, yet competitive prices. The company was started in 2009 by Jacqueline Charles and is based in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

An eye-catching gold plated Koko Karibi necklace. Image KOKO KARIBI DESIGNS/FACEBOOK

Their designs are uniquely minimalist (thank God), a far-cry from the chunky, oversized pieces that have become the norm in Trinidadian jewelry. You can wear Koko Karibi jewels with and for anything; even layering on multiples of their more delicate pieces in the middle of the day without looking overdone. Yet its with sleek evening wear, a good bag and killer heels that Koko Karibi jewelry shines… literally. There are very few jewelry pieces in their price range that glimmer as richly to accentuate all your beauty- from candle to club light- as well as those of Koko Karibi.

A pair of Koko Karibi coin pearl and gold-plated earrings. Image KOKO KARIBI DESIGNS/FACEBOOK

You can purchase Koko Karibi jewelry directly from their Belmont, Port-of-Spain workshop (#27 Jerningham Ave, Belmont, T&T) or you can order via their website, email (kokokaribidesigns@gmail.com) or by visiting their Facebook page. Local fashionistas- keep an eye out for their pop-up shop!

A Koko Karibi gold-plated wire “dreamcatcher” necklace. Image KOKO KARIBI DESIGNS/FACEBOOK

If you’re living abroad and would like to order some fabulous jewelry, look no further! Just remember that (unless specifically told otherwise) the prices quoted should be divided by 6.4 if you’re living in the US, by 5.9 if you’re from Canada, 10.75 if you’re in the UK and by 8.85 if you are a part of the EU.

A Koko Karibi hammered gold-plated metal and pyrite cuff bracelet. Image KOKO KARIBI DESIGNS/FACEBOOK

Trinis, let’s help move the Trinidadian fashion scene forward- support local designers!

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