Runway Shift’s Designer Collections

Behind the scenes at Runway Shift’s final rehearsal. Here designer Lisa See Tai (far right) and her models go through their final run-through before the show. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK

A few days ago I wrote about Runway Shift, the event that premiered designer collections in a runway competition, with the aim of the designers winning three months of rent-free space in premiere local boutique, Simply Runway Accents. After publishing the article, I was lucky enough to source some feedback that Candice Baccus (a director of Simply Runway Accents Boutique and a main coordinator of Runway Shift) had received on the public reception and overall impact of the show… I said I HAD to write a follow-up post!

Just some of the media coverage that Runway Shift received: this article is from The Trinidad Guardian’s Metro Magazine. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/METRO MAGAZINE/GUARDIAN MEDIA

This information is based on data collected from a total of 144 persons who were grouped to represent the typical customer base. Each participant was provided with brochures showing photographs of every complete look showed by the five competing designers in Runway Shift, the price of every complete look and had an area designated for client reviews. All the information was collected via these client reviews. The Simply Runway team relied heavily on these reviews since such feedback assessed the demand for the products, and determined where attention needed to be focused- especially with respect to the production and supply of an up and coming brand to a retail store. I think this is a fantastic idea! Hopefully it catches on throughout Trinidad and Tobago fashion.

A view of the front row crowd at Runway Shift. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/GARETH LEIGH PHOTOGRAPHY

This data is specific to the crowd type, with influential factors affecting these results being age, gender and response time given. The final figures were determined by manually assessing the raw information. Human error was minimized by having four individuals collect the data separately and compare the results, with averages being used to calculate the final figures.

Another view of the crowd at Runway Shift. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/GARETH LEIGH PHOTOGRAPHY

Reviews on each collection were averaged to a maximum average of 1000 points for positive reviews and 800 points for negative reviews, with each collection being assessed on the overall appraisal of every look in the individual collections.

The three finalists: (from left) designers Adrian Foster, Lisa See Tai and Megan Charles. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/LIZZARD BLIZZARD

The designers assessed were the five Runway Shift finalists- Lisa See Tai, Megan Charles, Mary April Coutou, Adrian Foster and Anicia Brooks. The Simply Runway team hopes that the information they evaluated can be used as a learning reference by the competing designers. Now, on to the numbers! The first three are the winners of Runway Shift 2014.

Adrian Foster’s collection shown at Runway Shift. Image SIMPLY RUNWAY/LEE TUNG AND THOMAS STUDIOS

Adrian Foster’s collection was the most positively received, with a 71% positive rating. His strongest looks were numbers 6, 7, 9 and 10, with each receiving positive reviews of over 80%. Adrian’s weakest looks were numbers 2, 3 and 5, which received over 40% negative reviews. It was difficult to rate Adrian’s collection because the final order of the runway show was not kept, and a few looks were changed. Reviewers noted that some of his paired garments were not cohesive, and that some presented at the show had been previously introduced in earlier collections. However, his collection received excellent reviews, and he was the designer who received the most orders from customers. Great work Adrian!

Lisa See Tai’s Runway Shift collection. Image SIMPLY RUNWAY/LEE TUNG AND THOMAS STUDIOS

Lisa See Tai’s collection was the runner-up in positive reviews, receiving a 60% approval rating. In this respect, she tied with Megan Charles, whose collection also received a 60% approval rating, but Lisa received more customer orders and came very close to tying with Adrian in this regard. Her collection was praised for her use of colour and print, and for its “Ready to Wear” ability. Lisa’s strongest looks were numbers 3, 4 and 7, each receiving positive reviews of more than 80%, her weakest looks were judged to be numbers 1 and 5, which rated negative reviews of over 60% and 70% respectively. Good work Lisa! I’m in love with that orange maxi skirt btw!

Megan Charles’ collection shown at Runway Shift. Image SIMPLY RUNWAY/LEE TUNG AND THOMAS STUDIOS

Like I said above, Megan Charles’ collection received a 60% approval rating. Her collection was praised for its ‘impeccable tailoring’ and its ‘amazing art work’ in regard to her use of prints; however her collection was generally thought to be overpriced. Megan’s strongest looks were 3 and 9, which received approval ratings of 78% and 83% respectively, while look number 5 was judged to be her weakest, with a negative rating of 58%. She also received the third-highest amount of customer orders. Great work Megan!

Designers Mary April Coutou (left) and Anicia Brooks at Runway Shift. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/GARETH LEIGH PHOTOGRAPHY

Mary April Coutou and Anicia Brook were the designers who presented the weakest collections. Anicia’s collection received a 51% approval rating, with Mary’s receiving a 48% approval rating.

A look from Anicia Brooks’ Runway Shift Collection, as seen on the catwalk. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/EUSTACE DYER PHOTOGRAPHY

Anicia’s strongest looks were numbers 2 and 7, which received approval ratings of 74% and 72% respectively. Looks 4, 5 and 10 were judged to be the weakest in her collection, obtaining negative reviews of 82%, 78% and 60% respectively. Her collection was credited for her use of prints and she tied with Megan Charles in the number of customer orders that her collection received.

One of Mary April Coutou’s looks from the Runway Shift catwalk. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/EUSTACE DYER PHOTOGRAPHY

Mary’s strongest looks were judged to be numbers 1 and 4, which got positive ratings of 60% and 78%. Looks 2 and 6 were her weakest, each look receiving negative reviews of 72%. Her collection was credited with her approaches to ease of wear for a garment, and was the most affordably priced. However her collection was judged to be lacking in aesthetic and customer appeal (granted that appeal is subjective to the viewing audience), while her garment quality and construction were considered the most sub- par. Not surprisingly, Mary’s collection received the fewest customer orders.

Adrian Foster’s most popular look from his Runway Shift collection. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/LEE TUNG AND THOMAS STUDIOS

Now, I know that this post may be a little heavy for some, but for designers hoping to establish their brands and develop successful retail buisnesses, this information is vital. Never forget that fashion, while being a glamorous world unto itself, is first and foremost a BUSINESS. It’s data like this that helps designers better establish a competitive pricing structure and range, know what customers are intrested in buying, the quality they expect their garments to be and so much more. Basically, this feedback allows designers to get to know their target consumers while allowing them to better streamline their brand into a successful business- hopefully with a constantly growing following of reliable and faithful customers.

Lisa See Tai’s most popular look from her Runway Shift collection. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/LEE TUNG AND THOMAS STUDIOS

The directors of Simply Runway hope that this information is useful not only to the designers who competed in Runway Shift, but to all young designers hoping to establish themselves in the fashion buisness. Take this information to heart you all! Its not so often or easily found.

Megan Charles’ most popular look, as seen on the runway at Runway Shift. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/GARETH LEIGH PHOTOGRAPHY

I think that it was extremely considerate of Candice to share all that she has in this post. From me, Estevan, Jacqueline and all of the readers of this blog, Thank You!

The Runway Shift brochure, featuring all the sponsors and the host boutique, Simply Runway Accents. Image SIMPLY RUNWAY

To the sponsers of Runway Shift- UTT (University of Trinidad and Tobago), Lee Tung and Thomas Studios, Meiling, Café le Bistro, Marketing and Distribution, Stephanie Ramlogan, NLCB (National Lotteries Control Board), Petad Trading and all who helped make the event such a success, Candice, Isaac and all of us here say a big Thank You!

You’re all helping change the face of Trinidad and Tobago Fashion!

Part of the final walk-out at runway shift, this photograph features a close-up of an Adrian Foster look. Image RUNWAY SHIFT/FACEBOOK/GARETH LEIGH PHOTOGRAPHY

I hope that this post is helpful to my readers. Its been pretty fun to write!


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