Dolce & Gabbana High Jewellery 2014

Kate King by Domenico Dolce for Dolce & Gabbana S/s 2014 Jewelery

I will admit that I have been putting off doing this post for a while. I can’t really pinpoint exactly why, but my procrastination has gotten on my nerves until last night, when I finally made up my mind to sit down and write about this fabulous jewelry collection!

Kate King in another shot from Dolce & Gabbana’s 2014 jewelry campaign. Image DOLCE & GABBANA

Believe me- it is a good one. This season’s offering is beautiful and literally bursting with colour!

2014’s collection has been broken up into four categories, each released in separate increments since the start of the year. 2014’s jewelery collections are called
Primavera (designs inspired by Spring), Heritage (pieces that are inspired by heirloom jewelry), Gemstone (statement jewelry) and Rings.

Clip earrings from Dolce & Gabbana’s Primavera collection are shaped to resemble flowers and feature morganites and citrines set in 18K gold. Image DOLCE & GABBANA

It it everything that you’ve come to expect from D&G: bold, glittery gems, eye-catching designs and elegant baroque settings, but this season also features delicate floral patterns with a decidedly ‘spring’ colour palette! D&G have set aside their traditional stones (rubies, onyx, dark sapphires and tanzianites) and have embraced the brighter hues of coloured sapphires, amethysts, citrines, peridot and aquamarine.

Colourful engagement rings by Dolce &Gabbana in 18K gold; (clockwise from above right) 12.60 ct rectangular rhodolite garnet surrounded by pink sapphires, 9.80 ct rectangular peridot surrounded by red rhodolite garnets, 12.60 ct red rectangular rhodolite garnet surrounded by colourless sapphires, 9.10 ct rectangular aquamarine surrounded by yellow sapphires. Image DOLCE & GABBANA

The ring collection is almost entirely comprised of coloured stones, with the only variation being a traditional diamond engagement ring. The other pieces are fabulously hued and while they are marketed as coloured engagement rings, all would work just as well as cocktail rings.

An 18K gold pendant and chain from Dolce & Gabbana’s Primavera Collection. The pendant is in the form of a flower, with a citrine center and five morganite ‘petals’, the chain is accented by a single white baroque pearl. Image DOLCE & GABBANA

It’s a fresher look; this years jewelry still fits in with D&G’s baroque aesthetic, but this season’s simpler designs and bright colours make it more wearable and daytime-appropriate.

This palette really brightens up a lot of D&G’s older designs, like their Byzantine-styled crosses and filigree work, which are included in the Heritage part of the collection. These stately pieces have been given a brilliant facelift by being set with vivid tanzinites, aquamarines and multicoloured quartz. The new filigree pieces are also suitably refreshed, with the scroll work resembling vines and blossom-like jewel settings.

A pair of 18 K gold clip-on earrings from Dolce & Gabbana’s Heritage Collection, features floral filigree scroll work set with morganites, aquamarines, peridots, and amethysts. Image DOLCE & GABBANA

The Gemstone Collection is my favourite!

I get happy while wearing bold jewelry- especially large gemstones, so I’ve always liked Dolce & Gabbana’s statement pieces, but I LOVE these new jewels! I’ve got plans to own every single piece!

18K gold bracelets from Dolce & Gabbana’s Gemstone collection: (from left) 12 different stones of varying cut and shape are mounted on twisted wire, a bracelet set with 8 cushion-cut smokey quartz, an amethyst bracelet set with 10 oval stones and a chain bracelet set with 26 square citrines, every piece is accented with a single baroque pearl. Image DOLCE & GABBANA

These pieces are gorgeously vivid, with big stones being set in simple bezel settings of twisted gold. The plain settings really enhance the large stones, which are geometrically shaped in the flattering cushion and step cuts. Amethyst, peridot, citrine and a variety of quartz have been wrought into earrings, bracelets, necklaces and solitaire rings to produce dramatic jewels that will compliment every outfit. These are the pieces that truly show off the beautiful colours of the different gems, and these brilliant stones are sure to make bright additions to any shopper’s summer accessories.

Two 18K gold pieces from Dolce & Gabbana’s Gemstone collection. The necklace is curved and features twenty-nine different stones of various cuts and settings and a baroque pearl, while the earrings are peridot and citrine. Image DOLCE & GABBANA

This collection is marvelous! Apart from the gemstone pieces, the floral patterns are sure to be a big hit- especially with younger consumers and women looking for nontraditional statement jewelery. The clean, unfussy look of this collection makes each piece adaptable to many ensembles, making the whole collection appropriate for every part of a woman’s day, while the refreshing colour palette will uplift even the most austere look.

This floral necklace by Dolce & Gabbana is set in 18K gold and features seven flowers composed of morganites, citrines, rhodolite garnets, blue zircon, amethyst, aquamarines and colourless sapphires. It is accented with a single white baroque pearl. Image DOLCE & GABBANA

To me, Dolce & Gabbana’s 2014 High Jewelry Collection is the jeweled embodiment of spring and summer- it’s happy, bright and decidedly playful. A perfect personification of this season!

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