Do Brasil com Amor!

Models (from left) Raquel Zimmermann, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Isabeli Fontana (all in Stella McCartney) are Vogue’s Team Brazil, shot by Stephen Meisel for Vogue US’ June Edition. Image VOGUE/STEPHEN MEISEL

It’s the start of the 2014 World Cup, and for the past few months the excitement around the world has grown into something almost palpable! It’s the first time in 62 years that Brazil has hosted the tournament- the last being in 1950. Brazil famously lost that tournament to Uruguay, so now it’s a matter of national pride that Brazil wins this championship…. and after yesterday’s opener, they’re definitely trying to. All bets are off, so expect some magical football during this World Cup!

Gisele Bundchen (in Comme des Garçons and Amir Slama) by Matt Jones for Vogue Italia June 2014. Image VOGUE ITALIA/MATT JONES

I come from a football crazy family and I love football, so saying I’m excited is a true understatement. The World Cup is an event that comes around every four years and is a month of majesty, festivity and the transitioning of world class players into gods of sport. As the tournament is in steamy, glittery Brazil this year, it’s an especially festive occasion. So, to celebrate the opening of the 2014 World Cup (and as this IS a fashion blog), I’ve decided to feature three of my favourite Brazilian designers: Carlos Miele, Alessandra Meskita and Alexandre Herchcovitch in this post.

Put to your suntan oil and bikinis, ‘cuz its kick off time!

Carlos Miele

Looks from Carlos Miele’s F/w 2014 lookbook. Image CARLOS MIELE

Carlos Miele is a self-taught designer who began his career in the art world by producing performance art and crafting installations for museums and exhibitions around the world. Regardless of his success in fashion, he remains close to the art world, drawing inspiration from cinema, architecture and Brazilian art. Miele works very closely with artisans in Brazil’s favelas and indigenous communities to ensure fair trade practices and fair wages are practiced. His clothing often features traditional Brazilian art elements that are supplied by these regional artisans.

Looks from Carlos Miele’s F/w 2014 lookbook. Image CARLOS MIELE

Carlos Miele is noted for his dramatic runway shows and presentations and this flair for dramatics can be seen in his work. He is known to play with and combine elements from traditional handcrafted design and modern technology to produce unexpected results. Miele’s clothes are feminine and sensual, with luxurious figure skimming fabrics, daring cutouts and beautiful prints being characteristics of his collections.

Looks from Carlos Miele’s F/w 2014 lookbook. Image CARLOS MIELE

The Carlos Miele label was established in 2002, and produces prêt-à-porter collections for the two major seasons and resort wear. There is also a line of premium denim. His second label, Miele was established in 2006, this label produces more affordable ready-to-wear collections in a casual style.

Carlos Miele signature clothing is sold in more than 30 countries; as of 2011, there are Carlos Miele flagship stores in New York City, Paris and São Paulo.

Alessandra Meskita

Looks from Meskita’s F/w 2014 lookbook. Image MESKITA BY ALESSANDRA MESKITA

Alessandra Meskita was born and raised in São Paulo. Her artistic talent was recognized and fostered at a young age and, with the encouragement of her mother, she began designing her own clothes at the age of 15. Her career in fashion began in 2007, when she began working for French designer Christian Audigier.

Looks from Meskita F/w 2014 lookbook. Image MESKITA BY ALESSANDRA MESKITA

She worked with Audigier for four years as the Global Creative Director of his company, during which time she developed her use of traditional shapes and tailoring. Meskita left the company in 2011 after deciding the time was right to utilize everything she’d learned toward the creation of her own clothing line.

Her line, Meskita was founded in 2012, and consists of ready to wear, resort, lingerie, swimwear, shoes and household accessories.

Looks from Meskita’s F/w 2014 lookbook. Image MESKITA BY ALESSANDRA MESKITA

Meskita’s designs focus on simple concepts and natural elements. She draws inspiration from Brazilian folklore, cinema and literature and her clothing often incorporates surprising elements like vintage-inspired prints, silhouettes and varying fabric textures. Her clothing is graceful and refined- overall feminine, with classic cuts and glamorous details. Meskita has said that she wants her clothing to inspire strength and beauty while helping women feel confident and independent.

Alessandra Meskita’s clothing is sold in Brazil and the United States, with flagship stores located in São Paulo and New York.

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Looks from Alexandre Herchcovitch’s Pre-fall 2015 runway show. Image ALEXANDRE HERCHCOVITCH
Alexandre Herchcovitch, a Brazilian designer of Polish and Romanian descent, was born and raised in São Paulo. He was introduced to fashion at a young age – ten to be exact, when he requested his mother give him basic lessons in modelling and sewing. His mother then started to wear the clothes he made to parties, which led him to sell his early collections to family friends.

[caption width="832" align="alignnone"] Looks from Alexandre Herchcovitch’s Pre-fall 2015 runway show. Image ALEXANDRE HERCHCOVITCH

As a teenager, Herchcovitch frequently visited the alternative clubs of São Paulo’s famous night life, all the while attending a Religious Zionist Orthodox Jewish school- activities that created great conflict in Herchcovitch’s personal life. As he matured, this discordance had a strong influence over his work, and Herchcovitch eventually began to draw inspiration from this friction.

Looks from Alexandre Herchcovitch’s Pre-fall 2015 runway show. Image ALEXANDRE HERCHCOVITCH

His collections often feature elements of disharmony, and he is famous for his ability to transform classic into modern, simple into glamorous or easy into complex. His design is avant-garde and his use of prints is ingenious and eclectic. Herchcovitch’s design quickly rose to the height of Brazilian fashion, with his trademark skull design becoming an icon of the Brazilian youth in the nineties. His designs have been strutted down the runways of New York, Paris, London and São Paulo Fashion Weeks.

Today, Alexandre Herchcovitch’s products are sold in the US, Canada, England, France, Spain and Australia. He has flagship stores in Brazil, New York and most recently, in Tokyo.

Model Adriana Lima poses with Brazil’s 2014 World Cup Mascot, Fuleco. Image GETTY IMAGES/MIKE HEWITT

There you have it, three of Brazil’s talented designers! If you are visiting Brazil for the World Cup, or sometime in the future, make time to go shopping and discover the local luxury and style that the country has to offer. Its glamour- its Brazil and its everything!

É tudo por agora!


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