Elie Saab Resort 2015

Models Maud le Fort (far left, far right) and Helena Greyhorse (centre right, centre left) showcase pieces from the 2015 Elie Saab Resort Collection in these shots from 2o15 Elie Saab Resort Lookbook. Image ELIE SAAB/JONAS BRESNAN

A few days ago I came across a fab post on the new Elie Saab Resort Collection by our friends at Island. I’d seen the collection before following the release of the 2015 Resort Lookbook earlier in June, but hadn’t been able to write about it yet. Island’s post reminded me that I HAD the share this label’s new fierceness with you all! The Elie Saab 2015 Resort Collection is a stunner!

Stunning looks in patterned lace and net (left) and candy-striped silk (right) from the Elie Saab 2015 Resort Lookbook. Image ELIE SAAB/JONAS BRESNAN

This collection’s a lot dressier than Elie Saab’s previous Resort Collection, which resembled the traditional idea of Cruise wear with its emphasis on flowing fabrics and breezy silhouettes. The Elie Saab 2014 Collection features halter dresses, kaftans, loose gowns and trousers as well as loosely-tailored sheaf dresses and full circle skirts in a bold colour palette of black, white and red. It’s very streamlined, with many of the pieces being noticeably spare of the brand’s trademark embroidery and lace… really a bit of a departure from Elie Saab’s traditionally ‘dressy’ look.

Four looks from the Elie Saab 2014 Resort Lookbook. The overall look of the 2014 Collection was simpler and more streamlined than the brand’s previous work, with very little embellishment and fuss. Image ELIE SAAB[/caption

Designer Elie Saab was inspired by Impressionist paintings and this has yielded a collection with a beautiful colour palette of ivory, strawberry pink, mint green, blush and lemon. There are rippling prints resembling flowers and vertical watercolor brushstrokes.

[caption width="1837" align="alignnone"] Looks from the Elie Saab 2015 Resort Collection lookbook, showing the floral prints and the impressionist-inspired colour palette used throughout this collection. Image ELIE SAAB/JACOB BRESNAN

It’s a very feminine collection and it provides consumers with a wide choice of lust worthy pieces for this resort season. Evening wear remains the label’s core, and while the designer is keen to expand his line of cocktail and daytime attire, his pieces never stray too far from their elegant evening base (thank God because I’m quite an “evening gown in the middle of the day” girl myself). With that said, this collection is a definite move toward cocktail and daytime wear with the number of separates that are being offered.

Looks from the Elie Saab 2015 Resort Collection Lookbook. Image ELIE SAAB/JACOB BRESNAN

In this 2015 Resort Collection, Elie Saab has produced unexpected combinations by incorporating the luxurious embellishments and finery he uses for his occasion dresses on more casual pieces. This fusion has resulted in startlingly unique pieces such as a pink stretch cady tracksuit with lace insets, a silk crepe Tee-shirt embroidered with matte sequins, a sheer black shirtdress made of bands of beaded lace and net, and a knit halter gown with a delicate silk skirt.

Some of the new separates introduced in the Elie Saab 2015 Resort Collection are seen here in examples from the Collection lookbook; you can see the embroidered silk crepe Tee mentioned above (on Maud le Fort, right in left photograph) and the pink lace tracksuit (on Helena Greyhorse, far right in right photograph). Image ELIE SAAB/JACOB BRESNAN

Elie Saab has expanded his range of daytime offerings by introducing new pieces into his line. This collection boasts the brand’s first trench coat, a dressy version of the Perfecto jacket in black leather, a peplum-waist blouse beaded with matte sequins and tiny shorts in two colours. The are also furred jackets and stoles, beaded cardigans and sweaters that are basically the icing on the cake to any outfit, regardless the occasion.

Looks from the 2015 Elie Saab Resort Collection. Image ELIE SAAB/JACOB BRESNAN

Of course being Elie Saab, the collection contains many glamorous options for evening wear that cater to any type of elegant affair! There are gorgeously draped gowns of flowing chiffon and lightweight silk, floor-length halter dresses encrusted with sequins and beads and elegant sheaf dresses boasting heavy embroidery and panels of lace. Floor-length skirts, lace-paneled blouses, evening jackets and tailored jumpsuits are also featured throughout this collection.

New evening wear offerings from the 2015 Elie Saab Resort Collection, seen here (from left) are examples of the new evening separates: a formal tailored jumpsuit, floor-length silk skirt and lace panel blouse, and patterned evening gowns. Image ELIE SAAB/JACOB BRESNAN

The accessories collection is just as lovely, with 2015 Resort range of handbags, clutches, shoes and jewelry perfectly complimenting the clothing in a rainbow of macaroon hues. Jewelry wise, this season’s offerings are bold: statement necklaces and two-stone rings set with variegated hues of rose and chalcedony blue, strings of pearls and crystals, forged cuffs of gilded metal and elegant bauble earrings.

Some of the jewelry offerings from the Elie Saab 2015 Resort Collection, seen here (from left) are some statement pieces of pearl and crystal, chalcedony and mint in a variety of hues, shades of rose and twisted cuffs of plated gold. Image ELIE SAAB

The shoes and handbags are unexpectedly bold, with their vivid colour palette really providing a refreshing choice of accessories. The shoes boast pairings of brightly-hued leather with strips of clear plastic, metallic leather and bands of beading. There are wedge heels inset with strips of mother of pearl and bamboo veneer, espadrilles with fabric inserts matching the watery striped print seen in the clothing, and a pair of flats that are incrusted with coral beads (I can’t get enough of these)

Some of the shoes from the Elie Saab 2015 Resort Collection. Image ELIE SAAB

The handbags and clutches offer a wide range of choices for both daytime and evening/nighttime affairs. The same colourblocks seen in the shoes are mirrored on bags of ivory, dun, taupe and blush leather boasting bright details. There are envelope bags with patches of exotic skin, metallic panels and plush quilts, and daytime clutches covered in candy coloured plastic.

An array of some of my favourite handbags from the Elie Saab 2015 Resort Collection in quilted leather. Image ELIE SAAB

Evening bags are studded with gilded chainmail and large stones, envelope clutches with padded leather stripes and floral-patterned resin and small box clutches beads and crystals. The hardware is all done in bright goldtone, with some bags boasting metallic snake chain in hues of berry and mint.

Gorgeous evening bags from the Elie Saab 2015 resort collection, seen here (from left) are examples studded with gilded metal plates, resin envelopes studded with stones and swirling floral patterns, faceted candy-coloured plastic and clutches encrusted with crystals and beads. Image ELIE SAAB

My pick of the shoes are the yellow and gold multi-strap sandles, the wedges with the mother-of-pearl veneer and the espadrilles encrusted with coral beads. Bag wise, my favorites are the quilted leather satchel in taupe and variegated shades of pink, the black quilted leather box clutch, the cylindrical clutch covered with gilded chainmail and the blue resin envelope clutch.

Looks from the 2015 Elie Saab Resort Collection Lookbook. Image ELIE SAAB/JACOB BRESNAN

The overall look of the collection is glamorous elegance, but Elie Saab has introduced a lot of fantastic new ideas. Interestingly enough, while I do like the evening options provided by the 2015 Resort Collection (particularly the striped silk V-necked gown and the blush gown with the draped shoulders and beaded bodice), I absolutely adore the separates! My favourite pieces are the strawberry pink paneled lace cardigan, the floor length ivory silk skirt, both incarnations of the Tee-shirt (in black lace and net and in white silk crepe), the black beaded jumpsuit, the black lace shirt dress and the pink dip-dyed fur jacket.

I love seeing these introductions to Elie Saab’s line and can see them being easily incorporated into any woman’s closet. I have very few complaints with this collection and will be stocking up on key pieces for my summer jaunts!

Looks from the 2015 Elie Saab Resort Collection Lookbook. Image ELIE SAAB/JACOB BRESNAN

Too fab Elie Saab!

P.S. We are so in love with this collection that it was kind of hard for us to pick our favourite photographs to illustrate this post- there were just so many too choose from! To see our favourites that didn’t make it to this post, check out our Facebook page!

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