Friday Fierceness!

Hart’s Carnival 2015: Dominion of the Sun Preview

Stevie de Verteuil by Gerald Hart for the Harts Carnival 2015 Lookbook. Seen here is the Platinum Package edition of the Borano Costume. Image HARTS CARNIVAL/GERALD HART PHOTOGRAPHY

My Band. My costume. I am excited!

Teaser video:

Models: Stevie de Verteuil, Soowan Bramble, Amy Leigh Teixeira, Danielle Matouk, Danielle Nieves, Ciara Mohamed, Stephanie Pemberton and others.

Production team: The Harts Family- Luis Hart, Gerald Hart, Russel Charles, Chris Steel, Nigel F. R. Celestine, Randy Attin, Daniel Bertie, Caro Dougs, Lisa Fernandez, Vanessa Dalla Costa,
Menachem Lamont, Alicia Evans, Sarah d’Abadie, Shane Creteau, Kristian Marc Leong Poi, Tasha Steel, Nikolai Ho, Kristy Nicole, Tahira Ayanna Ahmad, Caroline Da Silva, Shane Lyon, John Lum Kin, Jamie Aboud, Christian Hackshaw, Annalise Maria, Juliana Wakefield, Charles Guillen, Sarah Agostini, Danielle Da Silva and others.

Produced by: Proudfoot Communications Limited

Shot on Location in Trinidad and Tobago

See More on the Harts Website

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