Pop Art by AMBUSH

Looks from the F/w 2014 Montage Collection lookbook by AMBUSH, shot by Cameron Alexander. Image AMBUSH/CAMERON ALEXANDER

It’s been a while since I did a jewelry post!

I was inspired when I saw the latest campaign for AMBUSH Design’s new collection Montage. The collection is a quirky take on tribal motifs and not surprisingly, its full of highly innovative pop art inspired pieces. The collection combines the brand’s usual mix of metals, plastics and stones with traditional elements of African jewelry to create intricate and vibrant pieces that are sure to add bold interest to anyone’s outfit.

More looks from AMBUSH’s F/w 2014 lookbook. Image AMBUSH/CAMERON ALEXANDER

While many may consider the collection a bit daring for regular wear, but I think it’s fabulous! This offering is true to AMBUSH’s adventurous form and I love how it provides conventional jewelry with a stylish, modern update.

A rainbow of plastic and metal POW! necklaces from the 2010 S/s collection by AMBUSH. Image FRUITION LAS VEGAS

While some of you may just be be hearing about AMBUSH Designs, if you’ve been up to date with urban culture for the past few years, you would have seen the brand’s name occasionally mentioned in publications, or as now, exploding throughout Asian red carpets and magazines.

Looks from AMBUSH’s F/w 2012 lookbook for the collection VVV, by Liam M. F. Warwick. Image AMBUSH/LIAM M. F. WARWICK

AMBUSH is a Tokyo-based design company run by Korean-Japanese husband and wife team of Verbal and Yoon. Verbal is a rapper and Yoon is a graphic designer/DJ, and their company was created in 2002, originally as an outlet for Yoon’s creative talents. She began designing album covers and custom jewelry for Verbal which quickly became design essentials for the hip Asian fashion crowd.

Verbal and Yoon are decked out in AMBUSH jewelry as they attend the shows in Paris during F/w 2012. Image EASY FASHION FRED

In 2004 they launched their first public jewelry brand called Antonio Murphy & Astro, where they produced Hip-Hop inspired jewelry in 18K gold and platinum, adding diamonds and other precious stones. Bling was the height of chic at that time and they began to attract the attention of major artists and the worldwide media.

Pieces from AMBUSH’s 2008 collection “Moonwalk Like an Egyption,” including pop-art King Tut pendants and a two-finger ring shaped like pyramids. Image AMBUSH

In 2008 their second line, AMBUSH, was released to produce experimental jewelry. Made out of a mix of bold mediums, their collection was an immediate hit. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Rita Ora and Odd Future became fans of the brand and AMBUSH’s pieces practically flew off the shelves.

Looks from the AMBUSH S/s 2012 Screw It! Collection lookbook, by Sam Butts. Image AMBUSH/SAM BUTTS

The jewelry is inspired by the phrase “Anything goes” and AMBUSH has consistently kept in tune with this ideal. The designs are simple and always offer a mix of global influences and traditional jewelry practices with the quirky features of Asian pop art. As a result, the collections are always bright, colorful, playful and effortlessly cool.

Sen and Eriko Nakao by Takashi Kamei for the AMBUSH S/s 2012 Holy Mountain Collection lookbook. Image AMBUSH/TAKASHI KAMEI

One of the many things that I love about AMBUSH is that their pieces show no real gender distinction and their collections can be considered unisex. Who doesn’t like a bold, macho accessory in their ensemble? Fierce AMBUSH, fierce.

Vibrant rings from AMBUSH’s 2008 F/w Collection BEEEEETHOVEN. Image AMBUSH

AMBUSH’s jewelry is often adaptable, giving consumers the ability to customize their pieces into something unique and thoroughly one-of-a-kind. This, and the brand’s strikingly innovative style and choice of materials used in their jewelry, really highlights a contemporary vision of fashion of the future.

Half of AMBUSH’s design team, Yoon, models pieces from the AMBUSH F/w 2011 collection SKULL’AMB’BONES. Image BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB

Signature pieces such as fluorescent “pow” jewelry, colorful screw neckties, glow-in-the-dark skulls and bones, color-pop crosses and metallic eyeball barbell rings flew off the shelves in Tokyo. AMBUSH remains consistent with it’s modern and innovative approach to jewelry and it’s collections maintain the pop art and street style elements that first- and continue to bring the brand fame; AMBUSH is going strong with ten collections and counting.

Pieces from the 2012 collaboration between AMBUSH and Louis Vuitton. This limited-edition collection of MP3 players was released as a part of the Louis Vuitton 2012 S/s collection. Image LOUIS VUITTON/VOGUE

AMBUSH has collaborated with other design houses like Louis Vuitton, Maison Kitsuné, A Bathing Ape, TOPMAN, Georg Jensen and Mattel (where they tricked out Ken for his 50th Anniversary).

Takeshi Uematsu and Saki Asamiya by Hiroshi Manaka for the AMBUSH S/s 2013 Nomad Collection lookbook. Image AMBUSH/HIROSHI MANAKA

The company is completely self-produced by the duo and the pieces are handcrafted in Tokyo. AMBUSH is mainly available in Japan, but their pieces have been exhibited (in limited quantities) around the world and there is an online store.

Kiki Mizuhara and Anthony by Kevin Amato for the AMBUSH F/w 2013 NUORDER Collection lookbook. Image AMBUSH/KEVIN AMATO

With the new collection Montage, AMBUSH has the potential to push the brand’s power to even new heights. The level of press and acclaim that this collection has received far surpasses anything that the brand has ever experienced before. I’m confident that the designers will use this to launch their brand into the fashion stratosphere.

P.S. To see our favourite pieces from the Montage collection by AMBUSH, check out our Facebook page!

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