Haute Joaillerie F/w 2014

One of the shot’s from Chanel’s Café Society Collection campaign, featuring the glamourous Midnight Suite of white diamonds and onyx set in white gold. Image CHANEL

It’s become a tradition of Paris Couture Week to end on a glittering high note. I say that in the most literal sense because the end of the couture shows is always marked by the season’s display of Haute Joaillerie. While high jewelry showcases have been held around Paris throughout the week, the biggest events were scheduled for July 10th.

One of the shots from BVLGARI’s MVSA Collection campaign, featuring the Viola necklace of cabochon-cut garnets and amethyst nuggets in yellow gold. Image BVLGARI/FACEBOOK

“Boucheron…Chaumet…Mellerio…Dior,” the list goes on to include the who’s-who of the haute jewelry and fashion world. If I have said that I died and went to Heaven earlier on in the week, then this is the place that exists beyond that.

One of the shots from Boucheron’s Rêve d’Ailleurs Collection campaign featuring the gorgeous diamond and quartz Pinceau de Chine necklace. Image BOUCHERON

Unlike many of their fashion counterparts, jewelers did not go along with this season’s trend of muting the pizazz of their collections. For the f/w 2014 season, bigger is most definitely better, with jewelery houses producing Haute Joaillerie collections that push the boundaries of opulent gems to a whole new level.

Here is a compilation of the season’s best gems; the crème de la crème of the jewelry world:


The gorgeous Seascape suite from BVLGARI’s MVSA Collection, featuring emeralds, rubies, amethysts and white diamonds set in yellow gold. Image BVLAGRI/JEWELS DU JOUR

Piaget Haute Joaillerie

A gorgeous textured cuff of yellow gold, white diamonds and turquoise from the Extremely Piaget Collection. Image PIAGET

Van Cleef & Arpels

The Robe Couleur du Soleil clip, in white and yellow gold with round, oval-cut and rose-cut diamonds, spessartite garnets, yellow tourmalines and sapphires, from the Van Cleef & Arpels Peau d’Âne Collection. Image VAN CLEEF & ARPELS

Dior Haute Joaillerie

The Bar en Corolle bracelet, in white gold with diamonds, pink and purple sapphires, emeralds, garnets and pink spinels, from the Dior Archi Dior Collection. Image DIOR

Mellerio dits Meller

The Éclats de Lys necklace in white gold, with white diamonds and violet sapphires, from the Mellerio dits Meller Secrets de Lys Collection can be worn in eight different configurations, both as a necklace and as a bracelet. Image MELLERIO DITS MELLER/VOGUE FRANCE

Sylvie Corbeline Haute Joaillerie

Intriguing mobile earrings from the 2014 Sylvie Corbelin Fascination Collection features three independantly-moving jewelled stations suspended from a singular stud. Image SYLVIE COURBELINE/JEWELLRY EDITOR

Giampiero Bodino Haute Joaillerie

The Primavera ring from the Giampiero Bodino 2014 Haute Joaillerie Collection features a large central yellow diamond, with white, grey, yellow and cognac diamonds, pink sapphires and emeralds, set in yellow gold. Image GIAMPIERO BODINO/THE JEWELLERY EDITOR

Alexandre Reza Haute Joaillerie

The Atoll earrings from Alexandre Reza feature 8.56 ct. of cabochon-cut unheated Burmese sapphires, and 22 ct. of emerald-cut and brilliant-cut white diamonds, set in white and yellow gold. Image ALEXANDRE REZA HAUTE JOAILLERIE


A breathtaking necklace from the Cartier Royal Cartier Collection features a 15.29 ct. oval shaped ruby, a 3.51 ct. round rose-cut diamond and a 5.10 ct. pear-shaped diamond set amongst strands of rubies and white diamonds in white gold. The ruby and diamond choker stations can also be worn separately. Image CARTIER

Cindy Chao

A gorgeous white and yellow gold, white diamond and emerald brooch from the Cindy Chao Black Label Four Seasons Collection. Image CINDY CHAO/JEWELLERY EDITOR

Louis Vuitton Haute Joaillerie

This white gold, white diamond, aquamarine and sapphire necklace from the Louis Vuitton Acte V Collection features a majestic 88 ct. triangular opal. Image LOUIS VUITTON


A pair of iolite, blue topaz, quartz and white diamond earrings set in rose gold from the Damiani Dorotea Masterpiece Collection. Image DAMIANI

De Beers

A pair of white gold and white diamond chandelier earrings from the De Beers Aria Collection. Image DE BEERS/LUXURY INSIDER

Atelier Versace

A pair of yellow gold, yellow diamond, white diamond and emerald earrings from the Atelier Versace F/w 2014 Haute Joaillerie Collection. Image ATELIER VERSACE


A breathtaking lime-green diamond ring in yellow and white gold, from the Messika Exceptional Stones Collection, shown here being set in the workroom. Image MESSIKA/FACEBOOK

Wallace Chan Haute Joillerie

The Chest of Treasures necklace from the Wallace Chan F/w 2014 Haute Joaillerie Collection: a white gold, peridot and white diamond station necklace with a gorgeous pendant featuring a 132ct peridot surrounded by smaller peridots, amethysts, white diamonds and white gold. Image WALLACE CHAN/JEWELERY EDITOR

Chanel Haute Joaillerie

The Sunset pin in rose gold, with white diamonds and Padparadscha sapphires, from the Chanel Haute Joaillerie Café Society Collection. Image CHANEL/AFP

Carrera y Carrera

The gorgeous Orquídeas stud earrings, in rose gold with white diamond and rubies, from Carrera y Carrera’s Seda Imperial Collection. Image CARRERA Y CARRERA/THE GEM STANDARD


The Trésor de Perse cuff bracelet, in white gold with white diamonds, cabochon-cut sapphires and mother-of-pearl, from Boucheron’s Rêves d’Ailleurs Collection. Image BOUCHERON


This white gold, violet sapphire, and white diamond bracelet from the Chaumet Lumières d’Eau Collection features a 39-carat cabochon-cut white opal.


We couldn’t pick our favourite! A selection of Buccaletti’s Bracelets de Rêve in yellow and white gold, with white diamonds, yellow diamonds, sapphires, garnets, emeralds and spinel, from it’s Haute Joaillerie showing at Paris Couture Week. Image BUCCELLATI


A pair of architectural rose gold and white diamond rings from the 2014 Repossi Serti sur Vide Collection. Image REPOSSI

De Grisogono Haute Joaillerie

This gorgeous ring from the Di Grisogono Haute Joaillerie Collection features a large yellow diamond solitaire surrounded by emeralds and yellow diamonds set in yellow gold. Image DI GRISOGONO

Graff Diamonds

A breathtaking ruby and white diamond necklace in white gold from the Graff Rhythm Collection. Image GRAFF/THE JEWELLERY EDITOR

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