Friday Fierceness!

Bliss Carnival 2015: Blue Preview

Danielle Matouk by Laura Ferreira for the Bliss Carnival 2015 Lookbook. Seen here is the Frontline edition of the Pai Costume by Valmiki Maharaj. Image BLISS CARNIVAL/LAURA FERREIRA STUDIOS

This has got to be one of the most eye-catching costumes of the season- I love this combination of cobalt blue with neon green and yellow! It’s just too fab!

Miguel Romeo, Danielle Matouk and Brianna Shim by Laura Ferreira for the Bliss Carnival 2015 Lookbook. Seen here are (fron left) the basic male, frontline female and basic female editons of the Pai Costume. Image BLISS CARNIVAL/LAURE FERREIRA STUDIOS

Teaser Video:

Models: Catherine Miller, Danielle Matouk, Amanda Ali, Shandi Silochan, Brianna Shim, Miguel Romeo and others.

Production team: The Bliss Carnival and Tribe Carnival family- Valmiki Maharaj, Ruana Booker, Solange Govia, Lana Nobrega, Claude Desir, Monique Nobrega, Jodi Henriques, Gina Maingot, Kirt Jaimungal, Joel Lynch, Dexter McShine, Shauna Ramroop, Andrew Charlett, Mark Deane, Danielle Tardieu Moze, Richard Ali, Jamie Garcia, Arielle Williams, Leeanna Legall, Aeron Kalloo, Gisel Laughlin, Sasha-Marie Mohammed, Hannah Samuel, Serala Ramlogan, Karisa McKenzie, James Phillips, Janine Morton, Kearlene Crosby, Kristi-Anne Chin Mc Auley, Natushka Latchman,, Rhiannon Pemberton,Robert de Gannes, Brent Acosta, Aurora Tardieu, Arvinder Rampersad, Danielle Henrique, Ryan Brown, Ashleia Baksh, Michelle Mohammed, Rian Ramrattan, Krista Clarke, Bruce Shepherd, Douglas John, Beids by Chuff, Melissa Deane, Nina Alcantara, Narvely Labastide, Leah-Marie Guevera, Lionel Jagessar, Rose Jagessar and others.

Produced by: Lizzard Blizzard Entertainment

Shot on location in the Santa Barbara Villa, Santa Cruz, Trinidad, by Laura Ferreira Studios.

See more on the Bliss Website

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