Kaelen RTW S/s 2015

Two looks from Kaelen RTW S/s 2015.

For Spring/summer 2015 Kaelen Haworth has produced a very versatile collection, full of streamlined looks in natural fabrics that are easy to incorporate into most wardrobes (yayy).

Adaptability seems to be the theme of this collection, with many looks being versatile enough to work in both casual and business settings. Really, depending on how you style your ensemble, you can wear many pieces in this collection throughout the entire year! It’s also not a collection that can ever really go out of style. Plainly stated, Kaelen RTW S/s 2015 aims to provide consumers with stylish clothes that can last- and be fashionable, for years to come.

Looks from Kaelen S/s 2015. Image WWD

With it’s simple shapes, clean-cut lines and muted colour palette, it’s a collection that defines the term ‘uncomplicated elegance.’ The entire collection just seems effortless to wear off the runway, and I can already see key pieces that will work with the majority of my closet.

Looks from Kaelen S/s 2015. Image WWD

Again, I’ll say that Ms. Haworth was primarily aiming for adaptability when she designed this collection since a few of her looks feature detachable parts. Look at the hem of the white dress in the photograph below and you’ll see that the mohair panel is bordered with a sturdy zipper, enabling the wearer to remove and shorten the hemline whenever they wish. I think this is genius and will appeal to many consumers of many ages; from young tramps to old vamps, this is a collection with wide appeal (forgive me, I’ve been watching too many Joan Rivers clips. Rest in peace Joan <3) . As someone who has had the majority of her skirts shortened, I like this feature and I hope that other designers will incorporate this into their clothing.

However…. I see a few problems.

I do think that these removable panels were not a necessary feature to the looks above and below, as for the most part, I consider these extra pieces to be excessive and distracting from the rest of the garment. The visible zippers are especially detracting as they make the hemlines look messy and insecure. Had Ms. Haworth opted for a less visibly drastic technique, I think that it would have been more impressive. Personally, I think they detract from the overall impact of the looks.

Two looks from the Kaelen S/s 2015 show. Image WWD

Additionally, the collection’s spare colour palette of white, cream, black and teal has left me somewhat starved for a little brightness. But mostly, the lack of any truly show-stopping pieces is what bothers me. Every collection needs at least one wow piece that will get stuck in a viewer’s mind by the force of its fierceness… and this show, sadly, doesn’t have that.

Looks from the Kaelen RTW S/s 2015. Image WWD

Again, I think that this is because the designer aimed primarily for versatility when creating this collection. The looks can all be worn together- straight off the runway, or separately mixed-and-matched with other pieces and designers (smart) By doing this, I’m pretty certain that Ms. Haworth has ensured that her collection will be lucrative. Just wait a few months and you’ll likely see individual pieces from this showing popping up in many a fashionista’s wardrobe (I already have plans on the block-printed cotton trousers, shorts and jacket!).

Looks from Kaelen S/s 2015. Image WWD

That being said, there are looks that I would totally wear straight off the runway. The two above are perfect just as they are- as is the cream tie-waist jumpsuit, the white trapeze dress, and the black and white striped wrap dress. Fantastic and perfectly street-ready!

Looks from Kaelen S/s 2015. Image WWD

All-in-all, Kaelen RTW S/s 2015 gives us a collection that’s brimming with possibilities. It’s a very good wardrobe-building start to NYFW 2015 as it provides consumers with many staples to pair with statement pieces from other designers. Kaelen has provided us with a lot of mix-and-match options for the upcoming Spring season, and I’m thinking that this collection will be one of the darlings of the street-style bloggers wardrobe.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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