Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015

Looks from Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

Carmen Marc Valvo celebrated his 25th year in business by producing a collection that illustrates what he is best known for: fabulously polished evening wear (SWOON). It’s a most elegant offering full of gorgeously tailored, endlessly flattering looks, that (depending on how you style them) transition easily from high tea at the club, to cocktail hour, and all the way to a black tie event.

Looks from Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

Senior Valvo set the tone for the evening with a flared black and white scuba-topped halter dress- a silhouette that he continuously repeated throughout the collection. Rendered in versions ranging from flirty cocktail and tea lengths to floor-skimming gowns, Mr. Valvo really makes the cut work to stunning effect. Supplemented with variations topped by plunging necklines, boat necks, scoop-necks with sweater sleeves, tee-shirt cut bodices and button-down tops, and you get a collection with many, many high points.

Looks from Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

It all works, and it’s effortlessly chic. On the whole, the collection puts me in mind of an edgy, modernized version of the iconic 1950’s American housewife: it brings to mind the image of a poised and sophisticated woman who loves to take fashionable but wearable risks with her wardrobe- all while being able to cook like a savant and make a cocktail like a demon. This image is further enhanced by Mr. Valvo’s inclusion of chic one-piece swimsuits, structured minis and slouchy jumpsuits.

Looks from Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

There is never a dull moment in this collection, despite Señor Valvo’s relatively muted colour palette of white, black, blue and silver. There are interesting pops of bright orange and gooooorgeous prints. It’s a collection full of interesting details, and when viewing the looks you find yourself really paying attention to the fine points.

Looks from Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

It has a little bit of everything; metallics, lace, sequins and beading, net and flesh-toned cutouts and long planes of sheer fabric. I love evening wear, and I’m particularly impressed with this collection’s offerings… I adore the look of Mr. Valvo’s lush chiffon shirts perfectly paired with a full bodysuit. The cobalt blue offering is particularly eye-catching, but I find myself drawn to the black version with the sheer floral appliqued neckline.

Two of my favourite looks from the Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015 show. Image WWD

Other favourites are the blue floral jumpsuit, the vee-necked dress in the pink floral print, the white gown topped with the short Tee-shirt bodice, the black and white cocktail dress with the full skirt, the floral-print swimsuit and the white dress lined in orange. Basically, I’m spoilt for choice with this collection. Senoir Valvo, fantastic job!

More favourites! Looks from Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

I’d also like to applaud the house for commemorating their big anniversary by including some menswear in his runway lineup. I love seeing well-dressed men (and yes, there are even some floral looks for the guys)!

That’s a first! Menswear looks by Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

Love: Menswear looks by Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

It’s a really strong, cohesive collection. Although rather sparse in it’s non-formal daytime-appropriate looks, and basically void of any separates, Carmen Marc Valvo’s Spring 2015 offering is wonderful. It’s really a collection that allowed him to showcase what he does best- and really, who’s going to complain about that?

Looks from Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015. Image WWD

All-in-all, a great show!


By the way folks, I think this is the perfect place to announce that there’s going to be a menswear addition to the blog, to be written by my uber stylish editor/ artist/ model/ globetrotting elder brother, Estevan! I’m pretty excited for this addition, and I know you’ll love his posts- the man knows his stuff! So welcome brother!

Ain’t he cute? Photographer: Kevin Acevero

2 thoughts on “Carmen Marc Valvo S/s 2015

  1. Hi Ana, again you delivered an amazing post! It is easy and fun to read. I tried to found out more about yourself on your blog, but could not find it.
    And on the subject of men’s fashion, in general I find it rather dull or ugly. So I’m curious if your brother can realy interest me ^-^

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