Tom Ford S/s 2015

Tom Ford S/s 2015. Image NOWFASHION

To me, Tom Ford’s runway presentations are among the most eagerly anticipated events of Fashion Week! This year’s showing was no less thrilling! For Spring 2015 Mr. Ford (love you boo) went high-fashion punk, and as always he did it in spectacular style; mythologicaly- proportioned girls clad in sky-scraping platforms took the runway to the narcotized strains of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love.” Hair was big and teased, makeup was nightclub-ready smokey and clothes were sexy, plunging and skin-tight. I DIED.

Tom Ford S/s 2015. Image NOWFASHION

It was something almost otherworldly.

Think high-waisted fit-and-flare pantsuits, bondage dresses that fit like a second skin, mini tunics with plunging necklines, thigh-high stockings, fitted jackets, mesh tops and short mod coats all perched atop those cloud grazing platform clogs. Towards the end there was a series of knockout hip-slung sheer black gowns decorated with sequinned harnesses or satin bra cups with only a thin strip of fabric to cover the breasts. There were pasties too, and proper pasties at that- little metallic floral ones that peeked out from under the mesh bodices like a scattering of chiffon appliqué petals.

Tom Ford S/s 2015. Image NOWFASHION

The image of Debbie Harry may come to mind, but there were hints of Hedi Slimane’s gritty Sixties Mod vibe to be seen throughout. However, with Mr. Ford drawing inspiration from his collection of vintage Carlo Molino photographs and from some of his own work for Gucci from the late 90’s, its HE who owns this look. He even managed to fit in a nod to pop-culture queens Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus with those pastie-topped gowns. A little irreverent perhaps, but utterly fabulous.

Tom Ford S/s 2015. Image NOWFASHION

Now I love this show. I do find it a little dark for a Spring collection, and normally I’d say something about the lack of colour, but this is one case in which I have no problem with the sparse palette. Dark tones were key in this collection with charcoal grey, bronze, and deep green all making appearances. A little stark white was seen, as well as metallic silver and burnished gold, but the main emphasis was placed on black. Rendered in net, silk, buttery leather and glimmering sequins, coated in iridescent finishes or left matte, black took on a whole new dimension in terms of texture and shade. Who knew that such a basic colour (or should I say anti- colour?) could be so vivid? TOM FORD DID!

Tom Ford S/s 2015. Image NOWFASHION

It was quite hard for me to pick favourites from this collection since I was enchanted by basically everything shown, but I’ve narrowed my picks down to the barest minimum (or this post would take up the whole blog). I adore the white and gold versions of the cut-out minidress, the dark bronze sequinned boat neck blouse, the black tuxedo suit, the black foil-printed flare-leg trousers, the quilted leather jacket and the sheer crystallized evening gown with the black bondage-strip leggings. Gorgeous.

And I love the clogs- I’m a huge fan of giant platforms, so I’m planning to get every single pair of heels shown on the Tom Ford runway- even the cheetah-print booties.

Tom Ford S/s 2015. Image NOWFASHION

I love it, and I’m sure that I’m not the only girl swooning over Tom Ford’s Spring show. It hits every target- it’s super sexy, utterly chic and completely daring. I’ll admit that I wonder how the more conservative consumers will take to the transparent blouses and the pastie- topped evening gowns, but ignoring these pieces still leaves buyers with a lot of choice. There’s definite of room for mixing and matching even without these barely-there pieces, and it’s easy to substitute these tops with some of the more modest offerings from within the collection itself.

Tom Ford S/s 2015. Image NOWFASHION

I’m sure that everyone has gone through a punk phase in their teen years. Tom Ford S/s 2015 has taken me back to that time in my not-so-distant youth when I fell hard for raccoon eye makeup, black tulle and net gloves. Looking at this show I really wish that the Tom Ford S/s 2015 collection had taken place during that time- I’d have been converted to high-fashion at a much younger age!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go put on some heavy eyeliner and tease my hair. Tom Ford has left me addicted to haute punk.


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