Delpozo F/w 2015

Delpozo F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

Art has long served as a source of inspiration for designers, and this is always the case for Delpozo designer, Joseph Font, a man whose work- like art- is filled with both drama and richness. Every season, Mr. Font has tried to convey artistic sentiments to consumers, with his efforts having resulted in fantastical prêt-à-couture creations that draw a flood of fashion’s most influential to his seasonal offerings.

Delpozo F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

This season Mr. Font was inspired by the unsettlingly vibrant paintings of Rhys Lee and Andrey Remnev’s modernist take on classic Pre-Raphaelite works. This resulted in a vivid palette of blush, Kelly green, scarlet, palest blue and acid shades of green and yellow with additional colour pops of punchy cobalt, cherry, pink and gold ornamentation. Its certainly an attention grabbing colour scheme, but its Mr. Font’s masterful architectural shapes that truly captivated the crowd.

Delpozo F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

His ability to manipulate gauzy fabrics into bubble sleeves, wool into precise origami peaks, bobbinet into loose knots and velvet into on-spot roll necks is truly masterful. There were some structural minis where flat planes of silk were manipulated into cuboid funnel shapes or smooth circle skirts… and let’s not even talk about his capes! My favourite look was a blue silk mini- suit in which a structural folded jacket was paired with stiffly- peaked triangular sided shorts. Too fab! Think of all the styling opportunities! These, worn over a button- front shirt, a silky blouse or even a long-sleeved tee, and paired with boots or brogues would be a fabulously elegant look for most informal daytime events. Plus, either piece would look just as good if worn separately. THAT, is the mark of good design.

Delpozo F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

Yet for all that structure there was still a lot of softness, both in spirit and in form: column gowns and knitted pullovers were surprisingly refreshing inclusions, as were some hyper- coloured patterned coats with cascading sleeves. Velvet, soft wool and knits came forth in a variety of variations, technically shaped for day while simply done in traditional silhouettes for evening. Again there are some fabulous looks at the mini-length that would make for sparkling additions to anyone’s cocktail and clubbing wardrobes (depending on the styling) and there are some gowns that are stunning in their simplicity. Those velvet columns for example, in red, white and green are perfectly done and would steal the scene at any evening event.

Delpozo F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

I know I’d wear any one of those in a heartbeat!

xx -Ana

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