Dennis Basso F/w 2015

Dennis Basso F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

Ahh the seventies… what a time for fashion and music! I wonder if some of that era’s taste-setters realized how their influence would be felt through the decades- and now used as inspiration by many of today’s taste makers. Designer Dennis Basso is one of these modern taste makers. Citing the “glamour of the Seventies” as his inspiration for Fall 2015, he really went to town with his theme! The result is a study in over-the-top opulence and proved that boho- glam is again the look and more!

Dennis Basso F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

For Fall, Mr. Basso spun his typically princess furs and ball gowns into something with more ’70s flash, tweaking his collection until he produced something that spoke to the hearts of every single modern day Studio 54 glamazon. “It’s about having a good time,” Mr. Basso said backstage- hence he paired velvet tunics with flared high-waisted trousers, sparkling mini dresses and slinky gold gowns with flamboyant fringed furs and alligator- patterned leather. New accessories were seen with the addition of long, thin silk scarves and gorgeous embossed hobo bags.

Dennis Basso F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

Evening looks and fur are still the bread and butter of Mr. Basso’s offerings, but this season his day looks were hard to overlook with their colour- blocked trousers, patterned minidresses, silky blouses and diaphanous dresses showing beneath fuzzy black and grey wool and leather- trimmed fur. My particular favourites from this segment include a pair of banded wool trousers in slate grey and black, a sheer black mini with a netted overly and a sparkly mini sheaf with graphic bands of pink, gold and tan. I’d wear these anywhere in a heartbeat!

Dennis Basso F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

As always, Mr. Basso fully delivered for evening. His muses are flashy uptown ladies, and from his elaborate furs that are meant to be layered over airy dresses to his metallic gowns, he gave his clients what they’re looking for. In Mr. Basso’s eyes more is more… yet oddly enough I think this season’s best work was seen in his subtler evening looks. A pair of simple, body skimming shifts in unadorned silk were effortlessly elegant and were a perfect respite to the sumptuous excess of sequins, beads and metallic brocades seen everywhere else on the runway.

Dennis Basso F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

Among all the New York shows, Dennis Basso’s is definitely the place to look for over-the top glamour! Fall 2015 provided brand lovers with their seasonal supply of opulence. How utterly and fully fab! -Ana

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