Julien MacDonald F/w 2015

Julian MacDonald F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

Julien MacDonald likes powerful women. He likes them so much that for Fall 2015, his designs were influenced by some of history’s most powerful- Britian’s Queens. Resplendent in the glittering hues of the British Crown Jewels, Julien MacDonald’s collection was full of opulent tones, sleek fabrics and glimmering embellishments. Yet this collection was FAR from the pomp associated with today’s monarchy- think more dancing or drag queen than one attending Ascot!

Julian MacDonald F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

It was quite racy. For Fall 2015 Mr. MacDonald let a hint of the dominatrix look work it’s way into his lineup of sleek bodycon dresses and sexy separates to fabulous effect. His customers are women whose day starts sometime around cocktail hour, so he gave them a world of options in his clingy slip dresses, furred vests, miniskirts and embellished corset tops. There was no daywear, but there are some little dresses and bustier tops that would look fabulous layered over a pair of skintight jeans or leather trousers.

Julian MacDonald F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

The show was an opulent trip with its lavish adornments, jewel bright Chinoiserie tones and scrolling, lacquer-box embroideries. Lace motifs were outlined in beads, sequins and fur, gowns were slashed with cutouts and lined with guipure lace or layeres of embellished net, dresses and long sheaves were made entirely of sequinned peek-a-boo velvet, corsets were further stiffened with exoskeletons of caged beadwork and glistening column gowns exploded into lengths of flapper fringe. The sex kitten vibe was further enhanced with strappy Gina stilettoes, stirrup boots, opera- length leather gloves, thick chokers, thigh- high leggings and silk satin dressing gowns. It was all candy for your eyes… practically the equivalent of ecstasy.

Julian MacDonald F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

The entire collection seemed to me like something out of an upscale Victorian- age fetish club- everything teased a mix of both seducer and dominatrix. It’s a look that often borders on the costume realm, but Julien MacDonald pulled it off seamlessly; it’s sexy, glamorous and thoroughly opulent, but not overdone. These are clothes that could be worn anywhere where a little extra va-va voom would not go amiss. These aren’t clothes for the faint of heart since every piece of this collection requires a certain amount of attitude to pull off, but those with the bearing are literally spoilt for choice!

Julian MacDonald F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

I’m in love and I can’t wait for this collection to hit stores! My favourite pieces are a metallic minidress with a silver overlay, a sparkly black netted dress with a corset top and sheer skirt, an embellished black corset with a sculpted peek- a- boo neckline, a furry embellished cobalt blue vest and a belted fuchsia dress with an embellished black slip. Fab! Let’s not even get onto the topic of accessories, I’m getting a pair of those gloves and several shoes out of this show.

Julian MacDonald F/w 2015. Image INDIGITALIMAGES

Julien MacDonald’s Fall 2015 show fabulously plays into his adoring fan base’s love of high octane glamour with an opulent hard edge. It was just fabulous!

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