Hemant & Nandita

Hemant & Nandita F/w 2015. Image VOGUE INDIA/SAGAR AHUJA

Loves, I’m sure that you’ve realized that I love all things luxurious. So, after recently picking up a Vogue India and being overwhelmed with some downright gorgeous clothing, I thought I’d post about some of my favourites from India’s talented best! Join me on this trip to the exotic, glittering East!

For Fall 2015, designer duo Hemant and Nandita turned to Kashmir province to inspire their new collection that premiered on Day 2 of Amazon India Fashion Week. Entitled Boho Caravan, their offering was sparked by the idea of a modern nomadic gypsy, a spirited bohemian wanderer whose fiery temper and vivacious attitude is matched only by her flair for fabulous dressing.

Hemant & Nandita F/w 2015. Image VOGUE INDIA/SAGAR AHUJA

The scenic splendour of Kashmir province has long been a source of inspiration for many designers. Really, who wouldn’t be stimulated when surrounded by this region’s dazzling natural beauty, timeless architecture, extravagant handicrafts and beautiful traditional clothing? The duo projected the love for their theme through graphic storytelling with looks that paid homage to the region’s time honoured art of extravagant embroidery, weaving and fabric dyeing.

Hemant & Nandita F/w 2015. Image VOGUE INDIA/SAGAR AHUJA

The result? A a lavish supply of bright floral and ethnic prints, intricate texture treatments, lush ornamentation, sweeping trims and rich earth tones. Colours were subtly vibrant with muted tones of deep brown, smoky grey, olive green, mustard yellow, burgundy and dull blue being peppered up with bright additions of turquoise, dusky rose, mint green and crimson. What a gorgeous palette!

Hemant & Nandita F/w 2015. Image VOGUE INDIA/SAGAR AHUJA

While folk and regional tapestry may have been the main focus of their collection, the duo entwined regional heritage with modern bohemian glamour, which resulted in a muse that glamorously straddles old and new. There’s a heavy seventies vibe running through the collection that enhances the cool girl vibe displayed at the show. Brightly printed pussybow blouses, relaxed trousers, embellished capes and pleated skirts appeared amongst the expected excess of trailing fringe, tapestry- inspired florals, intricate needlework, tassels, pom poms, floppy felt hats and statement silver jewellery. Boho- glam indeed!

Hemant & Nandita F/w 2015. Image VOGUE INDIA/SAGAR AHUJA

Silhouettes were also suitably eclectic with billowing khaftans, fringed ponchos, ruffled vests and slouchy trousers being paired with snuggly overcoats, cuffed blouses, flirty knee- length skirts and sweeping capes. The resulting look reflects the true sense of a women with her own style- of effortless elegance… and it’s incredibly appealing.

Hemant & Nandita F/w 2015. Image VOGUE INDIA/SAGAR AHUJA

Hemant and Nandita have truly impressed me with their Fall 2015 offering. Almost every garment in their collection can hold its own when worn individually or separately! There are whole looks that can be worn straight off the runway and there are endless options to choose from within their array of separates. Considering all the mix-and match potentials offered, this collection is any fashionista’s dream!

It’s just too fierce!

XX- Ana

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