Orley Resort 2016

Orley Resort 2016. Image WWD

The Orley design trio of Matthew, Alex and Samantha Orley (two brothers and a spouse), are among the most accomplished young designers showing a 2016 resort line. They have become the favourites of New York’s CFDA Fashion Incubator set, and with such accomplishments as a finalist position for the 2014 CFDA Fashion Fund, a spot on this year’s LVMH Prize shortlist and a current nomination for this year’s CFDA menswear Swarovski Award, its no surprise that their first full womenswear resort collection was one of the most anticipated premieres of the season.

Orley Resort 2016. Image WWD

Till now, Orley has been recognized as a men’s knitwear brand known for its sharp, colourfully ultramodern take on classic gentlemen’s styles. Naturally- especially given the fashion world’s current normcore obsession, women’s wear is an obvious progression for the brand as it provides the opportunity to experiment beyond their proven boundaries. Plus, as vibrant colour and punchy motifs have been integral parts of the Orley aesthetic since the beginning, and there’s more of an openness to it in womenswear than men’s, Orley is taking the next step.

Orley Resort 2016. Image WWD

Though the brand has already experimented with womenswear this past Fall with a fully merchandised 15-piece capsule collection, but this 2016 Resort offering marks the brand’s first true foray into ladies’ clothing.

Orley Resort 2016. Image WWD

True to form, the trio delivered a superb collection of streamlined sporty knits with a quirky twist. Knitwear was a major feature, with a fabulous array of luxurious separates, all hand constructed out of delicately lacy crochet work and chunky bubble weaves. Menswear references are unavoidable for the team, and to a great extent the women’s collection reflected a gentleman’s sensibility. There’s a strong look of vintage men’s sportswear to the array of slender midi-length skirts, jumpers, Tee-shirt tunics, vest and pullovers that work exceedingly well with geeky striped cardigan twinsets, graphic tennis shirts, roomy cable-knit sweaters, lean tank dresses, long piqué-necked coats and sleek coat-length vests.

Orley Resort 2016. Image WWD

The resultant look is quirky yet upbeat, youthful and nostalgic… and that’s exactly what the designers aimed to achieve. “It’s youthful but not necessarily young,” Alex Orley commented, “We like to deconstruct old clothing or something nostalgic or retro. It feels familiar but done in a slightly subverted way.”

Orley Resort 2016. Image WWD

Orley’s 2016 Resort Collection provides an engaging taste of what fierce looks the label will have to offer in future seasons. I can’t wait for more!

Xx – Ana

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

It’s been a rough six months for Peter Copping as the creative director of Oscar de la Renta. Still wheeling from the sudden passing of his mentor, the legendary Señor de la Renta, Mr. Copping has had to assimilate and interpret the original designer’s aesthetic while adding his ideas into new designs. He’s done this by mostly by talking to Señor de la Renta’s close associates, closely studying archived designs and by exploring the many facets of Señor de la Renta’s inspiration- a monumental task for anyone. Yet, so far, Mr. Copping’s studies have been suitably paying off.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

Resort 2016 marks Mr. Copping’s second full collection- third if you count bridal – as the head of the venerable House. It’s clear that he wanted to focus this season’s offering on joy and brightness. “I really wanted to marry two of Oscar’s worlds,” Mr. Copping explained “…I wanted to embrace color, pattern, and the house’s general joie de vivre… even more the atmosphere of what I felt the house to be— that very ‘feel good’ spirit that was always associated with the house and with Oscar himself.” This meant combining locations as far apart as New York City and Punta Cana, two worlds that Señor de la Renta straddled with easy grace.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

As promised, the clothes were bright and perfectly toed the line between restraint and exuberance. Mr. Copping shares Señor de la Renta’s unapologetic love of outspoken femininity, so it goes without saying that this was also a major feature of the collection.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

The show opened in signature Oscar de la Renta style with a selection of smart, lushly coloured blouse and skirt sets, skirtsuits and coatdresses. Called “broken suits” by Mr. Copping, these polished looks are more appropriate for lunching than board meetings: swinging jackets, scuba knit sweaters or ruffled blouses worn over trim A-line or pencil skirts and sleek coatdresses are sure to be favourites among the crowd of cultured ladies who frequently line the catwalk at Oscar shows.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

Given a modern twist with contrasting prints, weaves and vibrant overlays, the show’s daywear segment was remarkably refreshing. Trim swimwear-inspired bodices, ruffled tunics and a filmy patterned caftan- the first ever seen on an Oscar catwalk- fabulously enhanced the easy spirit that Mr. Copping aimed for.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

Even more engaging looks were a geometric patterned coat and skirt constructed from narrow bands of suede and leather- both inspired by books in Señor de la Renta’s office. Mr. Copping referenced textile designs by David Hicks and classic American quilt motifs to create their strong, vibrant patterns and graphic appeal… something that felt entirely new for both the label and Mr. Copping.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

But as was often the case with Oscar de la Renta’s shows, the collection really came alive at evening. Voluminous silhouettes, lush colours and ornate ornamentation were all on display in the array of gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses. This season’s Latin influence was strongly seen in the excess of cascading flamenco ruffles and vibrant shimmering appliqués that appeared all over the evening looks.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

Amongst the lush display, particularly show stopping pieces included a columnar white gown with a brightly embroidered neckline, a magenta and white off the shoulder gown covered in sequins and 3-D flowers, a teal mink car coat inset with black python, a carmine silk faille gown with a sequinned décolletage and cutout skirt, a sheer black cocktail dress covered in shimmering beads and an aqua blue faille dress decorated with graphic bands of black lace and jet beads.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

Altogether, it was a great show. It delivered everything that you’d expect from a house that epitomizes elegant, classically refined clothing. Although dressier than usual resort fare as these garments are suited for vacations in the Hamptons or in Nice rather than St. Barths, this is a collection with strong, across the board appeal. From East to West, I’m certain there are women swooning over the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016 show!

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

Why? Its pretty simple. This season’s vivid colour palette, fun, flirty silhouettes and lush floral ornamentation imbue the collection with a sprightly, youthful sense that’s entirely refreshing. Add to that the graphic note of contrasting colours and fabrics, whimsical abstract patterns and fussy cascading flounces, and you get a collection that appeals to the romantic, divinely feminine nature that exists within each and every woman.

Simply put, it was pure Oscar de la Renta magic.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2016. Image WWD

Oscar de la Renta’s 2016 Resort collection proves that the label’s signature sophistication and joie de vivre is being embraced, celebrated and enhanced by Mr. Copping. Brand lovers can rest assured that the house is in very good hands.

How FAB!

xx – Ana

Fendi Resort 2016

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

It’s been over a week since the world got a preview of Fendi’s 2016 Resort collection at the “Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld” book launch in Cannes and it was only a little taste of things to come for the label. The book launch brought lots of anticipation for an already loved brand that will soon be showing its new collection.

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait that long since the Fendi Resort 2016 lookbook has just been released- and darlings, it was everything we could have wished for and more!

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

For Resort 2016, Mr. Lagerfeld wanted to explore the contrasting theme of “pleasant aggressively,” a duality that falls between hard and soft, graphic and muted, vivid and pale. He chose the motif of the Strelitzia, or Bird of Paradise flower, to convey this theme. It’s not the first time the exotic bloom has been used by Fendi- a sprinkling of the spindly blossoms appeared during the F/w 2015 show, and in many ways the Strelitzia is the perfect symbol for Mr. Lagerfeld’s idea of the Fendi woman. The delicate petals represent her feminine nature, while the bold leaves convey her strong, determined attitude. The bird of paradise has natural points and edges that compliment the collection’s architectural severity, while its colour and distinct shape strike a chord that is at once youthful and refined.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

As a motif, the flower loaned itself perfectly to literal and abstract interpretations in both fabric patterns and adornments: it appeared printed on sundresses, smocks, coats and jackets, was reproduced as appliqués in beads and furs and stitched into patchwork patterns in fur and cashmere. The motif popped up all over the accessories as well, appearing on handbags as beaded embellishments or 3-D leather patches and as patterns in printed leather on shoes.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

It’s a stunning collection with something for every style preference to be found within its array- everything from swingy, graphic patterned sundresses and spaghetti-strap maxis appeared alongside utilitarian denims and colour blocked leather. There were flirty skirts, embellished sweaters, colourful button-front shirts, structured mini shorts, striped tunics and lacey separates made out of lazer- cut cotton. There’s also a whole range of fabulous outerwear: colourful patchwork leather biker jackets, reversible shearling- lined parkas in khaki and leather, woven leather trench coats, furred bomber jackets, patterned mink caban coats and reversible denim capes. As I said- choices galore!

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

Mr. Lagerfeld seemed to embrace a duality in his designs this season, so there was a lot of contrast to be found in this Fendi collection. From patterns, styles, fabric selections to colours, things were constantly juxtaposed but with a harmony of design that showed the high level of creativity of one of the world’s foremost and most productive designers. I can’t say this enough- Karl Lagerfeld is a genius.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

Accessory wise, this offering was fabulously resort ready. Every look was paired with wedged sandals, strappy high heels or embellished flats in vivid colours. There were bags galore, with iconic brand designs (the Peekaboo, the 2Jours, the Baguette, etc.) and the newer brand staples (micro backpacks and micro monster bags) being refreshed in vibrant colours and adornments.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

Of course Fendi’s famous satirical pieces were on display as well. This season premiered the new ‘Idea!’ capsule; sweaters, outerwear and accessories emblazoned with detachable shearling logos, lightbulbs and apples. They’re witty and playful and are sure to brighten up many a wardrobe come their November release.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

To a certain degree Resort 2016 marks a slight shift in Fendi’s design focus, particularly in terms of the raw materials used in garment construction. The house has long been predominantly known as a premier furrier, but this season, emphasis was on the technical manipulation of fabrics. Illusion was a major leitmotif and played out collection wide in a variety of ways: leather, silk and cotton masqueraded as denim, fur mimicked cashmere, while jacquard weaves and leather was woven to resemble tweed. It’s simply stunning and these ‘illusions’ have me eager to see more.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

Leather was experimented with extensively this season, treated in an array of textural surface treatments and finishes, allowing it to transform archive designs for the new collection. Items like the biker jacket were overhauled in fizzy silvery blue, metallic cioccolatino parkas and trench coats appeared in plush woven plongé leather, and a denim jacket à la the early-nineties was revamped in fuzzy shearling. Together these pieces added a sparkling new spin to the idea of “Made in Roma”.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

All in all, Fendi Resort 2016 is fabulous- it epitomizes the idea of luxury cruise wear in a collection full of show stopping garments! Every piece is infused with that jaunty, youthful vibe that’s become synonymous with the Fendi aesthetic and there’s a lot of choice to be found amongst the array of items. There’s something for every style preference in a fabulous array of colors and clothing options.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI


This year marks Mr. Lagerfeld’s fiftieth anniversary with the house, but his savoir-faire shows no signs of slowing down. His imaginative approach to construction techniques has resulted in garments that make the heart leap and his revamped versions of iconic designs provide brand lovers with new versions of enduring looks.

Fendi Resort 2016. Image FENDI

Happy Anniversary Mr. Lagerfeld and the House of Fendi- continue being utterly fierce!

It’s an entirely gorgeous and wholly fabulous treat- Fendi Resort 2016 is spectacular!

Friday Fierceness!

“The Queen of the Seas/ Silver Light”- Telva Magazine June 2015

Gown (worn as veil): Valentino. Image TELVA MAGAZINE/TOMÀS DE LA FUENTE

Full view of Valentino gown. Image TELVA MAGAZINE/TOMÀS DE LA FUENTE

Model: Chloe Lacareux
Photographer: Tomás de la Fuente
Stylist: Cristina García Vivanco
Hair, makeup: Iván Gómez

Cannes 2015: amfAR Gala 2015

Th American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) Logo

amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment, education and the advocacy of AIDS-related policies, which for the past 22 years, has held an annual fundraising event in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival. The amfAR Gala has become one of the festival’s highlights, attracting the crème de la crème of film, fashion, art and society to support the cause and raise awareness for AIDS research. The undisputed highlight of this year’s event was a live auction of fine art and couture fashions which raised over $30 million for amfAR’s cause. How great!

The auction may have been the highlight of the evening, but to fashion lovers worldwide, the real focus of the event was on the fabulous formal wear seen on all of the attendees. amfAR always serves up some great red carpet fare (or should I say ‘white carpet’) and this year’s affair was no exception!

Here are twenty of the best looks of the night!


Doutzen Kroes

So gorgeous- I love the simplicity of this look! Doutzen Kroes shone in a scarlet hatler gown from the Spring 2015 Maison Margiela Haute Couture collection and layers of Messika diamonds.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Yet another stunning look from the inimitable Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! She chose a floral appliqué gown by Ralph & Russo Haute Couture and Harry Winston jewels.

Jacqueline Jablonsky

The brunette stunner shone in a vivid blue Stella McCartney gown.

Izabel Goulart

The Brazilian beauty topped her monochromatic Gyunel Couture gown with layers of sparkling De Grisogono diamonds and emeralds.

Snejana Onopka

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem was ethereal in a dreamy lilac gown by Ralph & Russo Haute Couture.

Paris Hilton

Love the neon pink detailing! Paris Hilton shone in a sheer gown by Yanina Couture.

Madalina Ghenea

Madalina Ghenea perfectly styled her blue velvet Cristina Savulescu gown with glimmering Montblanc jewels and slick camera- ready hair and makeup.

Eva Herzigová

Eva Herzigová literally sparkled from head to toe in a sequinned Dior gown and Chopard jewels.

Karlie Kloss

The blonde bombshell was stunning in a crystal- embellished Tom Ford sheaf.

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is perhaps the only woman in the world who can pull off lime green satin. She paired her vivid Jean- Paul Gaultier gown with Chopard jewels.

Sasha Luss

I love the quirky embroidery on the skirt of Sasha Luss’s Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture gown.

Lily Donaldson

Lily Donaldson was a modern day goddess in a flowing crystal- embellished Yves Saint Laurent gown.

Issa Lish

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova really sparkled in a crystallized ombré effect gown by Elie Saab Haute Couture and Chopard jewels. She accessorized her look with a turquoise blue Salvatore Ferragamo clutch.

Hofit Goulan

The blonde socialite sparkled in a voluminous crystal- embellished gown by Jean Fares Couture.

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman perfectly paired her nude Zuhair Murad Haute Couture gown with Edie Parker accessories and jewels by Ileana Makri.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner looked absolutely gorgeous in this orchid purple Calvin Klein gown and Chopard diamonds- she was undoubtedly one of the most photographed attendees of the night!

Gigi Hadad

Gigi Hadid left very little to the imagination in this white cutout Tom Ford gown, Aquazzura shoes and Vita Fede jewels made perfect accessories. Absolutely stunning!

Daria Strokous

Love! Daria Strokus looked like she was covered in crushed emeralds in this sequinned gown by Alexander Vauthier Haute Couture.

Anja Rubik

Anja Rubik was a vision in blue in a vivid Dsquared² gown and Chopard jewels*.

*A note on Anja’s necklace: it’s 18-karat white gold necklace set with 160 karats of white pear-shaped diamonds and an exceptional 60 karat sapphire.


Chiara Ferrigrini

Fashion blogger Chiara Ferrigrini perfectly paired her Blumarine gown with a crystallized Atelier Swarovski clutch and Boucheron jewels.

Friday Fierceness!

Summer Evenings- Hot To Spend It Magazine May 13th 2015

Coat: Donna Karan, Dress: Giorgio Armani, Jewels: Graff Diamonds. Image HOW TO SPEND IT MAGAZINE/ANDREW YEE

Model: Carolina Thaler
Photographer: Andrew Yee
Stylist: Damian Foxe
Hair: Kevin Epstein
Makeup: Toni Greenberg

Fashion’s Finest at Cannes 2015

The official poster of the 68th Cannes Film festival, featuring a photograph of the iconic actress, Ingrid Bergman by David Seymour. Image CANNES FILM FESTIVAL/FDC/LAGENCY/TASTE(PARIS)/ESTATE OF DAVID SEYMOUR/MAGNUM PHOTOS

It’s that time of year again! The annual fabulous-ness that is the Festival de Cannes has just wrapped up, and this year’s event was overflowing with an array of wonderful red carpet and formal party style. This year, the stars stepped out to impress in such numbers that I have to publish two style posts just to cover the rundown of great looks!

So without further ado, here are some of the best ensembles seen at Cannes 2015!


Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz looked ethereal and elegant at the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere in this sheer white Valentino Haute Couture gown.

Diane Kruger

Actress Diane Kruger looked sweet at the Disorder photocall in Dolce & Gabbana and Jimmy Choo.

Gorgeous! Ms. Kruger was dazzling yet again at the Sea of Trees premiere in this embellished powder-blue Prada Couture gown and Harry Winston jewels.

Charlotte Le Bon

The French- Canadian actress was gorgeous in this dreamy Elie Saab Haute Couture number at the Louder Than Bombs premiere.

Isabeli Fontana

The Brazilian beauty sparkled from head to toe at the Chopard G.O.L.D. party in an embellished Zuhair Murad Haute Couture gown and Chopard jewels.

Parker Posey

I want to be her. Parker Posey brought some serious FACE. BODY. FACE. drama to the Irrational Man premiere in this custom Electric Feathers ensemble.

Tanya Dziahileva

Tanya Dziahileva stunned in Georges Hobeika Couture and Chopard at the La Tête Haute (Standing Tall) premiere.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. What a beauty! Aishwarya is an annual Cannes stunner, but she was particularly dazzling in this gorgeous Bordeaux- coloured Oscar de la Renta gown at the Jazzba photocall.

If it’s even possible to top herself, Ms. Rai Bachchan turned up the drama at the Youth premiere in this sculptural embellished Ralph & Russo Haute Couture gown.

Cate Blanchett

This lady can do no wrong style- wise: she looked phenomenal at the Carol premiere in this voluminous graphic – print gown from the Giles F/w 2015 collection.

Ms. Blanchett’s black Armani Privé gown was an understated red carpet look at the Sicario premiere, but she looked gorgeously serene and perfectly elegant. I love it!

Elizabeth Debicki

The Australian actress stunned at the Macbeth premiere in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes was white- hot at the festival’s opening ceremony, she looked absolutely stunning in this sultry Atelier Versace number.

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova cut a dramatic figure at the Youth premiere in this sheer ensemble by Zuhair Murad Haute Couture.

Rachel Brosnahan

Rachel Brosnahan at the Louder Than Bombs premiere in this sharp Yves Saint Laurent suit and slick hair and makeup.

Mélanie Laurent

I really love this look: Mélanie Laurent was casually undone at the Inside Out premiere in a Zuhair Murad Haute Couture gown and natutally- styled hair and makeup.

Salma Hayek


What a gorgeous colour! Salma Hayek’s Gucci gown was one of the most eye catching looks seen on the red carpet at the Carol premiere. She looks absolutely stunning and take in that décolletage!

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller looked pretty and professional at the festival’s Jury photocall in a grey tweed Balenciaga dress.

Ms. Miller also wowed at the Festival’s Closing Ceremony in this cerulean blue gown by Gucci.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s flirty little Oscar de la Renta frock was the perfect daytime choice for the Irrational Man photo call.

Ms. Stone channeled some serious old- Hollywood glamour at the Irrational Man premiere in a beaded column gown by Christian Dior Haute Couture and Repossi jewels.

Laetitia Casta

The former model looked spectacular in this crocheted leather gown by Givenchy Haute Couture.

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts was a vision at the La tête haute premiere in Elie Saab Haute Couture and Bulgari jewels.

Ms. Watts stunned in blue again at the Sea of Trees premiere in a ruffled gown by Armani Privé.

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell at the Sea of Trees premiere in this sheer beaded gown by Ralph & Russo Haute Couture.

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing was a serene beauty at the La tête haute premiere in a romantic gown by Ralph and Russo Haute Couture, Louis Vuitton accessories and Chopard jewels.

Lupita Nyongo’o

Lupita Nyongo’o slayed at the La tête haute premiere in this custom chiffon plissé gown by Gucci. This was definitely one of the most photographed looks of the entire festival.F



Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard sparkled at the Macbeth premiere in this crystal embellished mini by Dior Haute Couture and Chopard jewels.

Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls stunned at the Youth premiere in this sheer two- piece look by Azzedine Alaïa.

Ms. Smalls was equally gorgeous in Givenchy Haute Couture at the De Grisogono Party.

Cara Delevigne

The British beauty shone at the De Grisogono Party in a white Yves Saint Laurent gown and layers of De Grisogono emeralds.

Rachel Weisz

Another gorgeous daytime look: Rachel Weisz looked effortlessly elegant at the Lobster premiere in this black jumpsuit by Narciso Rodriguez.

Clotilde Courau, Princess of Savoy, Venice and Piedmont

Princess Clotide looked gorgeous at the La tête haute premiere in this cape-shouldered look by Valentino Haute Couture.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore chose a dramatic gown for the premiere of La tête haute: this fabulously embellished feathered confection by Armani Privé.

Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner stunned at the Youth premiere in a two-piece look by Azzedine Alaïa and shimmering Chopard jewels.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt was effortlessly elegant in a white Calvin Klein column gown at the CK Women in Film party.

Cheryl Fernandez- Versini

Cheryl Fernandez- Versini lit up the red carpet at the Irrational Man premiere in Ralph & Russo Haute Couture.

Jane Fonda

The eternally ageless Jane Fonda turned heads in Atelier Versace at the Sea of Trees premiere.

Ms. Fonda kept the fab looks coming at the Kering Official Women in Motion Cannes Dinner when she wore this sequinned gown by Donna Karan Atelier.

Natalia Vodianova

The Russian beauty looked incredible at the CK Women in Film party in a ruffled black gown by Calvin Klein.

Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau dazzled at the La tête haute premiere in vintage Chanel Haute Couture.

Ms. Marceau was equally lovely in Tyler Alexander at the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere.

Jourdan Dunn

]The gorgeous Jourdan Dunn lit up the Le Petit Prince (Little Prince) premiere in Ralph & Russo Haute Couture.

Soo Joon Pak

Soo Joon Pak sparkled on the red carpet at the Youth premiere in Oscar de la Renta and Chanel Haute Joaillerie.

There’s a second fabulous post coming dear readers, so we’ll chat soon!

– Ana

Tomas Maier Resort 2016

Tomas Maier Resort 2016. Image TOMAS MAIER

It’s been a little over a year since the re-launch of Tomas Maier’s eponymous brand, and the German designer has kicked his label into high gear. The line now includes womenswear, menswear, shoes, handbags, leather goods and accessories, jewelry, swimwear and home goods, all of which is as good-looking as it is smart. He’s just opened his second Manhattan boutique- his fourth New York outlet- and has another shop in Bal Harbour, Florida set to launch at the beginning of next month… it’s an understatement to say that he’s quite busy at the moment. That’s why his newest resort offering is such a pleasing surprise!

Tomas Maier Resort 2016. Image TOMAS MAIER

For Resort 2016, Mr. Maier exhibited a collection that was clearly designed with relaxation and comfort in mind. It’s a further exploration of his idea of relaxed luxury, but this season is much more unlaced than previous outings. With comfortable sportswear-inspired looks in lightweight transitional fabrics, luxury detailing and fabulous accessories, it’s exceedingly easy to love this collection.

Tomas Maier Resort 2016. Image TOMAS MAIER

There’s much to swoon for here: breezy dresses, mini shorts and tunics in eyelet cotton and lace, frayed Japanese denim, parachute pants, safari dresses, button-front shirts, ultralight maxi dresses, printed cotton bralets, cuffed Bermuda shorts, pencil skirts and vivid flag dresses. Draped, asymmetrically- cut cashmere cardigans brought some serious luxury to the offering, while an effusion of leather (both real and faux) brought punky edge in the form of vivid motorcycle jackets, slim trousers, knee-length skirts, shirt dresses and patchwork cowboy boots.

Tomas Maier Resort 2016. Image TOMAS MAIER

Accessories were also suitably relaxed: colour-blocked flap bags, leather wristlets, suede totes, crossbody bags, satchels and hobo bags. There were even floppy straw hats and some edgy brass jewelry. Every look was paired with flats in a variety of styles- sandals, ballerina flats, tennis shoes, woven espadrilles, flip-flops…the list goes on.

Tomas Maier Resort 2016. Image TOMAS MAIER

Mr. Maier’s look fits his lifestyle (city and beach) and every piece in the collection can work in either place. There are so many options to mix and match available, and pieces that can be dressed up or down to suit almost any traditional resort event. These are garments that can be worn yearlong with many being timeless enough to be fashionably wearable for years. I’m sure that this offering will strike a strong chord with consumers once it hits stores in November.

Tomas Maier Resort 2016. Image TOMAS MAIER

I’m in love here! There are so many choices: my favourite pieces include a black sundress with a deep V-neck, a matching cotton eyelet tunic and shorts combo, a cropped leather jacket with a belted waist, a belted safari shirtdress and a two-toned pair of cuffed capris. These are fabulous for vacationing, and they’re perfect options to wear any time I’m home in T&T!

Tomas Maier Resort 2016. Image TOMAS MAIER

Tomas Maier’s Resort 2016 offering is a dynamic mix of modern, executive style with laid-back urban attitude. It’s gorgeous to a fault and almost limitless in its adaptability and wearability, an aspect that to me, makes it a top retail choice when stocking up for resort. Again, too FAB Mr. Maier!

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016. Image PHOTO

Sometimes, it’s the subtler things that give the strongest impact. That’s very much the case with Bottega Veneta’s 2016 Resort show- a sunny, fabulous presentation that was designed with a sense of sensibility and subtlety that deserves some serious recognition.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016. Image PHOTO

“This is the time of year when it gets a little dark and sad,” said head designer Thomas Maier of his collection. “The idea was mood-lifting—to have happy colours.” To Mr. Maier, the October-November delivery schedule requires mood-lifting colour, rendered in light fabrics and cut in silhouettes that bridge the runway seasons. This resulted in a seasonless array of insanely wearable wardrobe-building staples in shades of black, white, tan and navy blue pepped up by bright splashes of pink, red, orange and teal.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016. Image PHOTO

These are clothes that can be worn anywhere; materials like wool-alpaca blends and sheer viscose transition seamlessly between cool and warm climates, while classic -cut silhouettes and gorgeous separates can be worn almost anywhere.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016. Image PHOTO

Sharp, jewel-toned suits, patchwork- pleated skirts and nipped-waist dresses could be dressed up or down when paired with any of the collection’s chic black V- or turtleneck sweaters, Japanese- style sweatshirts or belted knitwear. There were gorgeous separates like wrap-waist straight skirts, draped scoop-necked tunics, slouchy boot-cut trousers, button-front blouses and slim pleat-legged capris. The jackets were especially versatile and covetable with sharp blazers in solid colours and patterned stripes, leather-lined track jackets and ragged- edge patterned tweeds. A patchwork bomber jacket in buff suede was showstopping, as were a series of unlined shearling vests in technicolour hues.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016. Image PHOTO

Accessories are vital to fully present a collection, and this crop of fabulous ornaments are sure to brighten any woman’s day! Shoes, belts, pearlescent jewelry, sunglasses and a myriad of handbags were all on display. Bottega Veneta’s signature intrecciato weaving was well represented, its iconic diamond shapes appearing on everything from minaudières and flapbags to satchels and totes. Almost every look was shown with flats: slip-on sneakers or rustic embroidered sandals. These aren’t my favourite styles, but comfortable footwear fit perfectly into the collection’s theme.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016. Image PHOTO

Bottega Veneta’s 2016 Resort collection was a fabulous one! Every piece exudes a sense of effortlessness- from the perfectly articulated colour block patterns, to the subtle detailing and precise tailoring, this was an extremely well thought out and executed collection. Mr. Maier smoothly glided attention from one detail to another like a film director changing camera angles. Here he focused on the sharp manipulation of prints, there he zoomed in on details such as a daggered jacket collar or a patchwork appliqué pattern, elsewhere he panned out to focus on proportions and the fall and cut of garment lines. Too fab!

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016. Image PHOTO

This resulted in exceptional clothing, with every piece being distinct and special. From the fit to the finishing to the flow of the fabrics on the models, everything presented was stunning and of the highest workmanship. This is quality and this is what sets luxury products apart from ordinarily- produced retail items. This is also what sets Bottega Veneta apart from so many other brands.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2016. Image PHOTO

I love this collection and I can’t wait for it to hit stores! What a definite sign that this is one of my favourite resort releases to date- it’s still in the early days of spring and I’m already dreaming of November! Bottega Veneta Resort 2016 is too fabulous!


Christian Dior Resort 2016

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

This year’s Christian Dior Resort show took place in the spectacular Le Palais Bulles (Bubble Palace), the sprawling futuristic structure of terra-cotta bubbles set into the cliffside halfway between Cannes and Monaco. The atmosphere was utterly appropriate for the look of the collection, which was distinctly architectural, youthfully flirty and playfully futuristic.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

It’s a good selection of vacation staples, with straightforward summer fare being seen in the array of sleek tennis dresses, cropped sailor pants, straight minishirts, Lurex-striped tunics, flirty cocktail dresses and skimpy knit rompers. There were knitted vests, net blouses, swingy kilts, pleated gingham shorts and slinky handkerchief-hemmed dance dresses. Gorgeous evening wear was shown with an outstanding trio of bias-cut gowns which were stunning for their elegant simplicity.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

Dior heritage was evoked in varying degrees throughout the show: pointed Marie Antionette-esque footwear harkened back to Roger Vivier’s work, while the femme fleur silhouette was superbly done in shimmering crystal-strewn florals and net overdresses that restrained pleated underskirts. Through this manipulation, Mr. Simmons was able to recreate Dior’s classic feminine shape minus the restrictions of the uncomfortable hosiery and underpinnings employed by the original master.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

The Bar jacket returned in simplified form, this season’s incarnation being almost sculptural, with minimalistic curving sleeves and pleated peplum waists. Mr. Simons said he updated Dior’s iconic architectural shapes by employing loads of mesh fabrics, tight pleats and homespun detailing, and by defusing the formality of the Bar by pairing its distinctive shape with shorts, miniskirts and flip-flops. “I will always go back,” Mr. Simons insisted. “I don’t think that by going back I make it less mine.”

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

It’s clear that comfort and ease of wear were front and center on Mr. Simons’ mind when he designed this collection, as everything from accessories (hobo bags, booties, embroidered leather satchels and flip-flops) to the runway styling was imbued with a sunny, vacation- ready sensibility. He’s described this work as being intended for “players and adventurers,” basically today’s “it girls”- luxe globetrotting women who live for jaunty escapades.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

This collection spoke volumes about where Mr. Simons sits with Dior right now and the playfulness broadcasts his confidence and familiarity in his position as head. He’s described this collection as being, “Playful, sweet… childish, almost,” and it’s clear that he wanted to do something fresh with this show. “We tried to make it very, very light, and much younger, and therefore also more futurist and modernist,” adding, “…we always need to show new products, and Dior can do that sometimes.”

It’s wildly different to the House’s iconic past, but never forget that this is Maison Dior- the originator of the “New Look”.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

Truthfully, I have mixed thoughts. Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen a number of surprising additions trot onto the Dior catwalks amongst the usual runway fare: slinky camisole blouses, slouchy trousers, catsuits, rompers, t-shirt patterned tunics, plastic raincoats, shift dresses made of unlined net. It’s made for interesting shows and I’ll admit that I’ve appreciated seeing Raf Simons’ influence on the changing image of Maison Dior, but that doesn’t mean I’m entirely happy with it. To me, Dior no longer looks spectacular… there haven’t been any truly standout pieces to be seen within the past few collections. For a House that helped build global Haute Couture awareness and made pieces that could sparkle across a crowded room, I think its becoming too normal.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

Raf Simons’ work has gradually softened the House’s image into something more youthful, more rock-ready, vibrant and party-girl appropriate- which is great, but not all the time. Up to now, the offerings still had the stamp of a maybe more approachable Dior, but with this show I’m worried that Mr. Simons has turned to the normcore trend and to me that would be a true pity.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

Basically, had this collection been released by any other design house, I would love it all. But this is Dior and as a brand supportive, third generation consumer, I expect much more from the house than this.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

However, this 2016 Resort collection is a much stronger production than the 2015 Spring Couture and Fall shows in terms of the design consistency and wearability. It may possibly be setting the scene for better things to come (I hope)! I can see newcomers to the brand falling in love with this collection as there are separates galore and the ability to mix and match items is impressive. Personally, the only things I truly like are those plain evening shifts- and they remind me of Alexander Wang.

Christian Dior Resort 2016. Image INDIDIGTALIMAGES

They say change is good, but in this aspect, I’m not sure if the changing look of Maison Dior is doing anyone any favours- it’s too much too soon and it’s turning many traditional brand lovers off. Maybe this new look is bringing in customers with a different mindset, but as one of the young consumers that these clothes are marketed toward, I’m not impressed. I can get clothing like this anywhere else… when I turn to Dior, I want Dior. Classic, ladylike, gorgeous.

Maybe next season I’ll be better pleased.

What do you think?

xx – Ana