Friday Fierceness!

Double Take- Dual Friday Fierceness!*

Gorgeous duo: (top) Rianne ten Haken for El Pais Semanal June 2015, (bottom) Maud Welzen for Elle Italia June 2015. Image EL PAIS SEMANAL/SERGI PONS/ELLE ITALIA/CAROLA BIANCHI

*With two fabulous beach eaditorials to choose from who could pick just one shot?

Calma Estival (Summer Calm)- El Pais Semanal June 2015

Swimsuit: Norma Kamali. Image EL PAIS SEMANAL/SERGI PONS

Model: Rianne ten Haken
Photographer: Sergi Pons
Stylist: Elisabetta Dal Bello
Hair, makeup: Monica Marmo

La Isla Bonita (the Beautiful Island)- Elle Italia July 2015

Gown: Roberto Cavalli. Image ELLE ITALIA/CAROLA BIANCHI

Model: Maud Welzen
Photographer: Carola Bianchi
Stylist: David Burton
Hair: Leslie Thibaud
Makeup: Cosetta Giorgetti

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