Blumarine Resort 2016

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

Blumarine is one label that always makes me happy. Anna Molinari’s gorgeously quirky, youthful take on feminine dressing has continuously provided brand followers with a seasonal supply of sugary spunk and I just can’t get enough of it!

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

Resort 2016 is particularly sweet with a gorgeous array of fluid, summery dresses and insanely wearable separates in delicate fondant hues. The hyper-stimulation of the senses was the idea behind this offering, which resulted in a tempting assortment of lusciously adorned, soufflé- light garments that are as tantalizing as the elegant confections on display in Milan’s famed pasticcerias.

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

Of course the collection’s colour palette played in perfectly with these pastry shop visuals, with layers of macaron pastels being accented by zingy acid shades and sober hues of black, white, cream and blush.

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

Silhouettes were quite simple; there’s a good mix of flirty dresses, plainly-cut separates and slinky evening looks to be found throughout the collection. Every piece was infused with a relaxed, vintage romance attitude that was playfully girly and subtly sexy at the same time. It all put me in mind of a hippie-fied version of Alice in Wonderland, especially as there’s more than a hint of the fairy-tale heroine to be seen in the prim necklines, flounced skirts, box ruffles and bell sleeves that appeared all over this collection.

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

A playful sexiness came into play to counterbalance all the sweetness; transparencies and see-through panelling effects provided the perfect palette cleanser to all the fluff, while clean shapes and abbreviated lengths delivered a distinctly modern feel.

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

There are a lot of dresses in this collection- Ms. Molinari provided a vast selection of pretty frocks for every time of the day and occasion. Fluid, panelled sheafs, tulip- dresses and ruffled pintafores are the perfect options for daytime, while an array of richly- beaded mini and maxidresses appeared for evening. Elsewhere, panelled trench coats, patchwork knits, cropped denim trousers, high-waisted bell bottoms, kimono jackets and sweeping lace robes delivered a fresh, versatile supply of separates that went far beyond the usual thoughts of vacation dressing.

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

Gorgeous as it all was, it was this season’s ornamentation that really brought the collection to life. Almost every garment in the collection was shrouded in intricate detailing- degradé embroideries, 3-D appliqués, lace intarsias, jacquard voile, and macramé overlays to name a few. All. So. Beautiful!

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

As always, floral motifs provided a major part of these graphic adornments and lushly- pigmented flowers were scattered with wild abandon over every available surface. They blossomed in macramé, beaded appliqués and embroideries and sprouted on ruffled laser-cut suede and cotton. Lace was spun into delicate blooms and silk and denim appeared with a floral motif worked into the fabric as a reverse weave.

Blumarine Resort 2016. Image BLUMARINE

All in all, Blumarine Resort 2016 is a fantastic collection and delivers exactly what brand followers have come to love and expect from the brand. It’s youthful, feminine, romantic and effortlessly glamorous, with enough of a roguish twist in every look to make it all look fresh. I love everything and I can’t wait for these beautiful pieces to hit stores. I’m getting one of all – it’s just that good.

Xx – Ana

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