Escada S/s 2016

Escada S/s 2016. Image ESCADA

Oh how I love Escada! This storied house is known for its simple, beautiful offerings and this season’s is especially pleasing. Creative Director, Daniel Wingate stunned with his take on effortless chic with a simplified aesthetic that is sure to appeal to both brand followers and new fans alike. How fabulous!

Escada S/s 2016. Image ESCADA

Versatility and comfort were key design elements this season, with looks that were made to transition seamlessly from work to play and day to night. It’s obvious that the current lifestyle of a career woman was considered and designed for. There were sharp cropped suits in pastel colours (a lemon yellow look was particularly appealing) that would look just as good at the office as they would at a lunch date. Trim knit sweaters, roomy trousers and tailored culottes were also standout selections.

Escada S/s 2016. Image ESCADA

There’s a great array of mix and match seperates: patterned jumpsuits, simple A-line skirts, embellished shirt-dresses and beaded sweaters to name just a few. These epitomize the transitional element that Mr. Wingate was trying to highlight this season and are perfect for building a spring wardrobe in any woman’s closet.

Escada S/s 2016. Image ESCADA

Some outstanding pieces stole the show: a black fringe-backed tunic was smart when paired with white slacks, but would look just as well when worn with tailored tuxedo trousers or sexy skin-tight leather leggings for a night on the town. A graphic patterned jumpsuit moves seamlessly from day to night, while a roomy split-sided tunic dress could easily become that “anytime, anywhere” outfit that’s vital to any wardrobe.

Escada S/s 2016. Image ESCADA

Evening wear was carefully considered, with looks that would be appropriate for any number of events with proper styling. There were sequinned shifts and column dresses, draped goddess gowns and a selection of quirky colour-blocked ensembles. A draped black and white gown was particularly eye-catching, as was a sequinned cap- sleeved number, and while a sky blue silk jumpsuit-gown combo seemed a little out of place with the rest of the looks, it was daring, and one of my favourite pieces shown.

Escada S/s 2016. Image ESCADA

On the whole, this is an extremely well thought out and considered collection with a great selection of looks. It caters perfectly to the ideal Escada femme- an intelligent, globetrotting business woman with a full social life and an interest in the arts. The clothing reflects all this: versatile, elegant, practical and fashionable (but not too trendy) with many mix and match options and tons of transitional looks.

Escada S/s 2016. Image ESCADA

It’s a good collection and though not particularly ground-breaking in design, there’s a timeless look to the clothing that I particularly like. These are garments that won’t go out of style any time soon, and while I mentioned above that it’s a great starting point for spring wardrobe building, these clothes can easily carry you throughout the year (depending on your winter outerwear). I like versatility- and that’s why I’m so impressed with this collection.

Escada S/s 2016. Image ESCADA

Escada Spring 2016 is one of the best collections from the start of the New York shows. I hope the styles just keep getting better from here.

Xx – Ana

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