Naeem Khan S/s 2016

Neaam Khan S/s 2016. Image WWD

In case you haven’t guessed, I live for beautiful clothes. Regardless of the style or period- if it’s a beautiful garment, I’ll love it. That’s probably why I adore Naeem Khan’s newest collection so much- it’s gorgeous from start to finish.

Neaam Khan S/s 2016. Image WWD

For Spring 2016, Mr. Khan was inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and the fabulous starlets who graced the silver screen. Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Kennedy… and especially their fabulous vacations, were the muses he based his offering on. Did he ever pull it off – this collection is as refreshing as a trip to Capri!

Neaam Khan S/s 2016. Image WWD

With such fabulous inspiration, there was a definite and strong vintage vibe to this show of garments that embodied the effortless glamour of the Golden age. Models sauntered down the runway clad in vivid headscarves, sky- high platforms and intricate jewellery what were matched to the sumptuous garments displayed.

Neaam Khan S/s 2016. Image WWD

Breezy khaftans, bell-sleeved tunics, slim sheaf dresses, miniscule rompers and capes floated down the flower lined runway, each thoroughly adorned in luscious ornamentation. The designer then upped the ante even more in his evening selections with delectable, magnificently- adorned outfits that ranged from slim column gowns and tapered shifts to floor-skimming khaftans, embellished jumpsuits and full-skirted ball gowns.

Neaam Khan S/s 2016. Image WWD

Exotic spots (Mexico, the Mediterranean… the French Riviera) were clearly strong reference points that enabled Mr. Khan to create a collection brimming with the vivid embroideries, intricate beading, sequins and bright multi-coloured weaving that such places have become renowned for. Mr. Khan said that 600 people worked on the collection and all that work was definitely worthwhile- the garments are masterpieces of the art of clothing.

Vivid hues of celadon green, marigold, scarlet, brilliant pink, tangerine and azure added further dimension, as did swirling paisley prints, graphic stripes and bright blossom inspired embellishments.

Neaam Khan S/s 2016. Image WWD

You all may have figured out that I really like the very embellished look, and Mr. Khan fully delivered in this respect. It was smart to choose simple silhouettes as the canvas for all the ornamentation as this prevented the finished work from being too fussy or overdone. As it is, the garments maintain a sense of breezy effortlessness that are perfect for any fab locale.

Mr. Khan was already a master at creating red carpet–worthy garments fine and custom garments, but this collection is one of his best prêt-à-porter offerings to date.

Neaam Khan S/s 2016. Image WWD

If I were to complain about anything in the show, it would be about the runway styling. The lineup was already grand, but paired with the accessories and statement jewellery shown, the overall looks came off a little overdone at times. It made things slightly muddled on the runway. Had the accessories been kept simple the styled looks would have been so much more impressive. I’m not saying I don’t like the accessories and jewels- I very much do, but they’re a bit much against the very embellished garments.

Neaam Khan S/s 2016. Image WWD

Overall, Naeem Khan S/s 2016 was a great show. I’m impressed with everything shown and this was one of my favourite collections from the New York shows. Just fantastic Mr. Khan!

Xx – Ana

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