Jasper Conran S/s 2016

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

London s/s 2016!

Jasper Conran’s Spring show was one of the first in the lineup of London Fashion week and it really started
things off on a high note! For Spring 2016, Mr. Conran chose to base his collection around an organic theme which he rendered into a relaxed, earthy offering.

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

It was overall quite graphic, with the designer choosing to relate his theme in a range of varying fabric textures and vivid motifs. Cotton provided a sharp background for punchy leaf prints and bold stripes, while linen was the base for line-art leaves and branches. Water-dwelling foliage was also represented by coral- patterned silk and layers of semi-transparent printed chiffon that mimicked the look of floating seaweed. Sequinned fabric with a splotchy multi-coloured motif resembled some sort of fabulous deep sea algae, while textured solid coloured sequinned looks mirrored swirling ocean currents.

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

The colour palette was simultaneously organic: numerous shades of green, white, grey and dun. They say that Eskimos have more than 300 words for snow, but this collection proved that Mr. Conran has almost the same number of tints for green. Dozens of shades were on display, some in prints, some standing alone, others mixed with white. He showcased the colour in almost every variant- moss, seaweed, bottle, algae, verdant, lichen, khaki, avocado, leaf, fern- the list goes on, and each beautifully done!

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

Spring 2016 was all about comfort and wearability, so silhouettes were kept classic and relaxed. Mr. Conran chose to let his prints take centre-stage this season, so shapes were lean and simple, with clean lines, precise detailing and minimum fuss. This resulted in a collection in which almost every look exuded a sense of peaceful relaxation and effortless elegance.

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

Everything shown was incredibly wearable: breezy chiffon blouses, draped jumpsuits, loose skirts, scarf-necked dresses, trim shorts and long, ankle- skimming shifts. There were sexy split-front jackets, slim trousers, boat-necked sweaters and a huge selection of brightly- printed sun dresses, tennis skirts and shorts that would be perfect options for warm weather jaunts in the summer.

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

Evening wear options were in good supply here as well, with a display of delicate chiffon and organza frocks, brightly printed silk dresses and club-worthy sequinned separates. The finale looks- long, sequin- encrusted gowns- were truly spectacular and are sure to have many fashion lovers lusting after them this Spring (I’ll take one of each!).

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

It was a good collection and showed that Jasper Conran truly understands how his customers want to dress. His simple, flattering cuts with that sense of timeless elegance that women love, together with the wide range of seperates he provided, make his collections a dream to mix and match. Even the show’s styling is exceptionally translatable so that many of his looks can be worn straight off the runway to any number of events at almost any time of the year (with the addition of a blouse under the ivory and green coat). In a fashion month of some truly horrific, clothing detracting runway styling, this is so commendable.

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

Mr. Conran continued his theme perfectly by showing a good selection of easy going accessories- patterned canvas totes, strappy gold sandals and delicate gold jewelry. They’re the perfect things to round off anyone’s summer outfit and they were perfect additions to the looks shown. I particularly love the jewelry.

Jasper Conran S/s 2016. Image NOWFASHION

Jasper Conran’s Spring 2016 show was a moment of beautiful calm in the hectic Fashion Month schedule. I loved every minute of it!

Xx – Ana

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