Models Alana Nipper and Estevan Dubrisingh shot by Kibwe Brathwaite for the NMFV ONE campaign. Image NMFV INC./KIBWE BRAITHWAITE

It takes something really special to have me full scale fan- girling at 2:30 on a Saturday morning. That’s exactly what happened when I recieved the media kit for the launch of NMFV’s (NoMoreFashionVictims.com’s) first in-house apparel line, ONE! ONE will be officially launched on November 16th, a date very close to the NMFV digital boutique’s first anniversary, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with this lovely offering!


ONE is a collection of casual separates (thank you Lord for separates!) and accessories (a collaboration with The Urban Factory) that are 100 per cent ethically produced and manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s a very well-rounded collection of wardrobe building separates that will appeal to all lovers of great, cool clothing. It’s designed as a unisex collection, allowing every piece to be versatile enough to easily incorporate into anyone’s wardrobe, regardless of gender. Gender-neutrality is a trend that we’re seeing a lot of in international ready to wear, but this is a first for homegrown design…. and I it’s think a needed step in our fashion evolution.


Clean lines, minimalist prints and an uncomplicated colour palette make for an offering that is elegantly understated and effortless to wear. It’s an eleven piece collection and with much to love within the lineup: the kurta shirt with a Nehru collar is a firm favourite, as is a pair of tailored black culottes and a sexy crop top with cutout details (the only real gender specific piece within the offering). There are long striped tee-shirts, tweed tunics and quirky button-front shirts, with some mesh tops thrown into the mix and even a minimalist knee- length suede coat! Admittedly it may be keep its wearer too warm in our climate, but Trinis love to travel and how fab to be able to get fall and spring appropriate outerwear right here!

My favourite look: tailored culottes and a cutout crop top worn under a mesh tee! NMFV ONE. Image NMFV INC./KIBWE BRAITHWAITE

Truth be told, I’m not usually attracted to gender neutral design. Every now and then I see some beautiful pieces, but most of the time, I think the pieces look too bulky on female frames and too effeminate on men. Fit is always an issue and I often think the clothing ends up looking awkward (several pieces from Selfridge’s recently launched Agender collection come to mind). NMFV’s ONE surprised me in that I actually like all of the pieces!


For the most part, the garment cuts appear to be a little smaller than most unisex fare (perhaps a nod to our slim and toned carnival ready physiques?), but this resulted in looks that flatter a wide spectrum of frames across both genders. Men would look good in almost anything, so they’d have no trouble finding options within the collection, and while the garments look roomy on feminine frames, they’re more cosy than bulky and skim curves instead of exaggerating them. The collection looks comfortable and stylish… like fabulous yacht party fare!


My only semi critique would be for the mesh tops. They’re really not what I consider to be everyday appropriate, unisex garments since they can come off looking a little too fetishist on men. Though they’re fab for the ladies and there definitely are men who will buy them, I just don’t think I’d like my guy in them.


I’m absolutely stoked over the debut of this collection. NMFV founder Stephanie Ramlogan attended CAFD with an emphasis on garment design before focusing on styling, but her love for design has remained a driving force in her career. ONE is the result of many years of hard work and dedication. To see it pay off so beautifully is simply great.


Additionally I absolutely love that the collection embodies everything that NMFV has been promoting since it’s launch- beautiful, locally designed and produced luxury fashion, all manufactured from of the best quality locally available materials. The fact that everything is ethically produced from sustainable materials further adds a good dose of positivity to the retail experience… and I like that.


ONE is a good collection and I can see everyone finding something to love within the offering’s lineup. I’ve definitely found some lust-worthy pieces! Congrats to Stephanie and her NMFV team on the launch, it’s a great ONE!

Even the ONE accessories are totally cool, they’re part of a collab with The Urban Factory: (top:left) howlite Buddha bracelet, (centre)Marlin line, leather and turquoise bracelet set, (right) black agate Buddha bracelet; (bottom:left) howlite and Hansa tassel bracelet, (centre) sand vial necklace, (right) leather anchor wrap bracelet. Image NMFV.INC

Stay tuned to the NMFV site and the NMFV Facebook page for the launch on November 16th. Enjoy!

By the way, that male model is our editor and delinquent Menswear writer (and my brother). Looks pretty good, doesn’t he!

Xx – Ana

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