Aah summer… hot days and even hotter nights, where multiple layers become almost non existent and everyone begins looking for the nearest beach, lake or cocktail. Luckily, summer style (or everyday style if you’re from the Caribbean like me) is easy to achieve- lightweight fabrics, great fit and accessories, and the confidence of knowing you look damn good. These people get it.

Milan. Everything about this is great, but the attitude of that basically unbuttoned linen shirt pulls it all together. Admittedly, I walk around like this pretty often. Image –

New York. Again, attitude- she looks amazing and knows it. And talk about a great pair of oversized gold aviators! Image –

Let’s recognize some who know just how to do it- it’s time for this week’s street style!

London. A dark on dark look is my go- to for openings, dinners and club nights that are a little more formal but not dressy. Not a huge fan of the pant length, but this guy looks really cool. Image-

Not sure of the location, but this is a summertime look that’s great for anywhere. The high rolled sleeves make it both stylish and cool.
Image –

Paris. Head to toe amazing and another overall dark outfit. Look at the fit of her pants and color juxtapositions of her cool moss green shoes and tan sunglasses. This woman looks great! Image –

New York. A simple, basically color-blocked outfit that’s proportioned so well and carried off effortlessly. Image –

My best,


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