Florence’s Pitti Uomo is in full swing and as usual for this event, the gents have peacock-ed to the nines. Image –

It’s a busy time in the fashion calendar with back to back Fashion Weeks! As many of the the world’s working models, editors, buyers, stylists, fashion writers – really everyone involved- jet around to the top fashion cities for countless shows, presentations and parties, everyone’s stepping out looking their best.

Selena Gomez in London. Just sexy. Image –

For this week’s Sidewalk Saunter, the focus is on Fashion Week attendees with their cool personal styles. Any yes, not all the pictures are from current Weeks, but I think they’re all worthy of inclusion.

Blogger Carlo Sestini in Milan, January 2016. I’ve always thought Carlo had great style, and his dark clothing with colorful Christian Louboutin shoes and backpack definitely proves that. Image –

New York, 2016. Stylish, comfortable and sexy. She looks like she feels great! Image –

London 2016. Even in what could easily be an overpowering dress, she had a real presence. I really like the red and her cool phone case! Image –

Pitti Uomo, Florence 2016. Mannn those sunglasses and lightweight camel coat on the gentleman at right are killing it. Image –

Milan 2016. I love a monochrome look and this looks both stylish and comfortable, while being appropriate for many situations. Plus, these colors looks good on many skin tones. Image –

Pitti Uomo, Florence 2016. So cool. So sleek. So amazing. I could go on with the way this woman’s killing the style game- and we’re not seeing the whole outfit! I like the tattoo peeking out at her neck. Image –

New York 2016. A great patterned jumpsuit and a classic Chanel bag in a bright color can almost never go wrong. Image –

Pitti Uomo, Florence 2016. Let me start by saying I love this picture with it’s juxtaposed colors and background that makes the man seem off center when he isn’t. Great eye and work Christian Vierig! Style wise, this gentleman looks great, is on trend and has fit his clothes well. Image –

New York 2016. I’m a sneaker man and these are great- as is the tribal t-shirt on the guy to the right. Image –

London 2016. It’s all about that jacket. Image –

Pitti Uomo, Florence 2016. Those patterns could have gone wild, but his choice of having them all in shades of blue harmonizes his look without taking away the interest . The fit of his blazer is great too. Image –

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