I love this guy’s style, especially that dragon covered Gucci bomber. Milan, June 2016. Image – mensfashionpost,

With this week’s close of the shows at Milano Moda Uomo S/S 2017, there has been a flood of great street style. Milan is always the place to see some great, relatable style both on the runway and off, and this year’s attendees didn’t disappoint!

The woman on the left is where it’s all at! From her cool gold skirt to her fish necklace, she’s amazing. Milan, June 2016. Image –

For this week’s SIDEWALK SAUNTER, let’s appreciate some street stars of the Milano shows. Enjoy-

The perpetually well dressed Anna Dello Russo in Milan, June 2016. What a great party look! Image-

That denim jacket is cool, but it’s nonchalant placement makes it amazing. Milan, June 2016. Image-

Details galore. Cool bag, cool scarf, and I’m pretty sure the rest of her outfit is cool too. Milan, June 2016. Image-

Another denim jacket… maybe I’m really into denim now. The long grey t-shirt and the guy’s messy hair are pretty cool too. Milan, June 2016. Image –

Swagger. Milan, June 2016. Image –

Yup, I’m definitely feeling denim in a big way. That aside, this woman is definitely something- in a big denim shirt and just minding her phone, she looks hot! This could almost be a Coke add!
Milan, June 2016. Image –

Anna Dello Russo slaying the scene again, this time with a pair of equally stylish friends. Milan, June 2016. Image-

A blue toned Rihanna sweater worn with pride… need I say more? Milan, June 2016. Image –

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