Cool hair, sunglasses, black t-shirt and an amazing jacket. The guy on the left’s looking pretty suave too, but the one on the right? THAT’S what you wear to a show.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

Oh belle Paris! Epicenter of the fashion world… and quite possibly my favorite city, the French capital just wrapped up a week of amazing Men’s SS 2017 shows. Down the runways to the sidewalk, the fashion was on fire with models, socialites and attendees bringing their best style games.

Model Nykhor Paul looking very tall in fitted jeans, a great blouse and a cool, primary colored bag. Beautiful.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

For this Sidewalk Saunter, let’s focus on some style stars of the Paris SS 2017 Men’s shows!

Cool. Plain and simple.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

One comment on the overall trend of the Paris Men’s shows street style scene- color was everywhere. In every way and aspect, shades from the brightest neons to deepest blacks were trotted out on the city’s fashion crowd. I think it’s great!

It’s all about this dapper gent’s colorful Gucci jacket and sunglasses.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

Model and style maven Ursini Gysi chose to wear a rainbow on her dress and we all love it. She looks bright and happy looking!
Paris, June 2016. Image-

A beautifully pregnant Kaya Scodelario and Benjamin Walker wore Valentino to the shows. She looks stunning and that dress is a work of art!
Paris, June, 2016. Image- Phil Oh for

Androgyny at it’s best. I think the dark tones of her clothing against her pale skin and red hair look great.
Paris, June 2016. Image- Phil Oh for

Azza Yousif (left) in some great maroon slacks and some amazing knits. That yellow and blue cardigan (Missoni?) is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.
Paris, June 2016. Image- Phil Oh for

Head to toe, this young man has a great look. His obvious swagger and all those chains are 90’s rap video cool. The beautiful girl behind has a great jacket too.
Paris, June 2016. Image- Phil Oh for

Models Valery Kaufman (left) & Sasha Luss (right) practically turned the sidewalk into a runway while strolling around between shows. Beautiful!
Paris, June 2016. Image- Phil Oh for

Japanese style icon, Designer and Creative Director of Sacai, Chitose Abe in a stunning oversized black lace coat. She’s literally in wearable art.
Paris, June 2016. Image- Phil Oh for

Generally, I’d wonder if this gentleman had a mirror… but I’m really feeling this dapper guy’s style. Homeboy’s got a look!
Paris, June 2016. Image-

Designer Caroline Issa looks summery and completely on point in this ruffle-y color blocked and patterned dress with a classic shaped bag.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

I really like this guy’s outfit, except for the white t-shirt- he doesn’t need it. That shirt is great though.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

Overall, I really like this picture with all of the colors of the background, but this man’s simple white shirt, funky sunglasses and cool messy hair are pretty great too.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

Leading Middle Eastern fashion and beauty publication director Esther Quek rocking the hell out of a pink coat and cool accessories.
Paris, June 2016. Phil Oh for

Ten out of ten.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova looking classic and thoroughly chic. Ok ok, this is a runway pic, but it’ll work for the street and I love Natalia Vodianova!
Paris, June 2016. Image-

Not a fan of that gigantic bag, but I really like the boots, jeans and cool jacket.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

I love interesting bits on clothing and this gentleman’s shirt had both a cool pattern and that eye catching cascade of gold stars.
Paris, June 2016. Image-

French model, author, music producer and all round fashionista Caroline de Maigret looks the epitome of French cool with this muted shade get-up and quilted Chanel bag.
Paris, June 2016. Image- Phil Oh for

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2 thoughts on “SIDEWALK SAUNTER

  1. Men’s street style is AMAZING! That yellow-blue cardigan is perfection and I need it 😍

    That first jacket! WHO is the designer 😱😱😱

    And that Gucci bomber. 😱

    This killed me 😍

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