Legendary supermodel, actress and author Naomi Campbell in Atelier Versace. Like a true supermodel, Naomi is ALWAYS on point.
Image- Phil Oh for

Haute Couture- which literally means “high fashion”, is the highest form of expression in the craft of designing and constructing clothing. Presented in specific bi-annual fashion weeks in Paris, the shows draw the world’s stylish elite and boast some of the highest international media coverage of the fashion calendar. Everything is glitz and glam… put simply, haute couture fashion weeks are spectacles.

Model, fashion writer, presenter and style star Alexa Chung in Brioni. More of a casual, androgynous look for a daytime show, she looks like the epitome of cool.
Image- Phil Oh for

From runway presentations to the endless dinners, cocktails and parties, attendees always put on just as much of a show as the couture House’s, with an equal addition of formality to their dress. High fashion reigns the streets, and it’s commonplace to see style stars like Olivia Palermo or Chiara Ferrigrini strolling around in pieces from the most coveted and historic labels.

Australian fashion blogger Nicole Warne in Chanel. Kind of 90’s, kind of quirky, completely cool. I like her round sunglasses.
Image- Phil Oh for

For this post, SIDEWALK SAUNTER is focusing on the women of the just concluded Fall 2016 Haute Couture shows. Dressed to the nines, lovely ladies ruled the streets of Paris, so join me in appreciating just a few of the best looks.

Model Leila Nda looking so good on her way to a show.
Image- Phil Oh for

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova in Dior. Beautiful (as always), but cool- from the dress to the bag and shoes, nothing really matches. but they all work.
Image- Phil Oh for

Stylist and writer Giovanna Battaglia Englebert looking beautiful in white with some truly great accessories- like that coral tassel necklace!
Image- Phil Oh for[/caption]

Actress Natalie Dormer wears Schiaparelli Couture to the house’s show, looking just as regal as the queens she’s played on Game of Thrones and The Tudors.

Blogger and style star Chiara Ferrigrini in Dior. You’d think this was a simple outfit, but the details of the tailoring and quality of fabrics show it’s worth as Dior couture. Chiara looks great!

Model Joséphine Le Tutour manages to look comfortable, well dressed and sexy all at once while outside of a show.
Image- Phil Oh for

American writer, actress, socialite and heiress, Olivia Palermo, in a beautiful Schiaparelli coat.
Image- Phil Oh for

Spanish lawyer turned fashion editor and stylist, Barbara Martelo, keeps it simple and classic with jeans, a black blouse and heels while navigating the shows.
Image- Phil Oh for

Actress Jessica Chastain in Chanel. I’ve always thought Jessica to be a real beauty with a 70’s look, and she definitely looks like a glamorous throwback in this image. The amazing jacket and oversized sunglasses are a great pairing.

Fashion editor of Hong Kong Tatler, Justine Lee, chose an amazing Dolce & Gabbana combo of a black sheer dress with a leather jacket!
Image- Phil Oh for

Stylist, fashion director at Tatler Russia and Creative Consultant at Conde Nast’s Allure Russia, Anya Ziourova is one of the major players in the fashion world. As such, she’s head to to on point in a printed dress and leather boots for the haute couture shows.
Image- Phil Oh for

Actress and model Milla Jovovich looks beautiful in Valentino as she arrives for the show. I have to say this… I love her.
Image- Phil Oh for

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  1. Slayyyyyy Naomi! 🙌🏽 Versace

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