Fashion meets Mas- RIDDIM, The Lost Tribe 2017

The Lost Tribe 2017’s name and logo

During a phone call with Val sometime late last year, I was lucky enough to get a rundown of his ideas for a new addition to the mas of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival. It was to be a fusion of old and new, a mix of fashion and the giant parade that T&T mas is- it was to be something new and exciting! Fast forward a few months to February 2016, and The Lost Tribe hit the road for two days of spectacle and even- unheard of for a new band, 2nd Place winner of the Band of the Year and Downtown Bands Association Award! With creative director Valmicki Maharaj and his team at the helm, I knew the costumes and band would be the hit that they are, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for the reveal of the 2017 designs.

Boy, were they worth the wait!

Areito female.

Dudup female

Colourful, bright and with references to a worldwide spectrum of ethnic inspirations, the costumes fill a spot somewhere between sexy and artsy-tribal. I really like all the details that become apparent the more you look at the costumes- the shell necklace in ‘Djun’, the black and white geometric bodysuit in ‘Dudup’, the painted additions in the ‘Arieto’ male backpack. Great!

Djun female

Arieto male

Huge props to the band for finally having a great lineup of male costumes! Every year, I always look for something more than a pair of board shorts to play in and usually end up finding just one or two okay-ish options. Not so with the Lost Tribe. Every male costume is well designed, attractive and mostly easy to wear (I still feel some of those backpacks might work against you on a windy stage). My favourites are ‘Arieto’ and ‘Jab’.

Jab male

Djun male

Finally, the campaign- I am here for it! A friend said it’s like the team got high while playing around with a kaleidoscope, and printed fabric of what they saw. I have to agree. With ethnic patterns done in pop art colours, the backdrops to each image work well to display and enhance the costumes on show. Add all that to some damn fine models who know how to do it and you’ve got a great campaign. I mean… look at all that-

Iron female

Dudup male

Bamboo female

Cutta female

Jab female

Bamboo male

To the Lost Tribe team- all the props, you guys did great work! For full info on the band and more costume images, check out The Lost Tribe’s site.

My best,


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