I love this shot! This stylish young lady looks both vintage and modern with her cool bob and bangs. What a way to frame such a great face!
Copenhagen Fashion Week, August 2016. Image-

Hi all! It’s been a little while! Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer as much as I have.

This guy’s head-to-toe in patterns and colors and I really like it. If you notice, they’re all in muted off blue/ off purple shades, with the truly bright color peeking out in the periwinkle blue of his socks. Yes, his pants could be tailored a little better, but as a look, I like it.
Munbai. Image-

For this Sidewalk Saunter, I’ve decided to highlight some later summer looks that don’t really look like “summer” looks. These are outfits that are great for the occasional chilly night or not swelteringly hot day. Looks for traveling (see Orlando Bloom) or running around getting things done (see the NY beauty in the white shirtdress and Adidas kicks). I think they’re all pretty smart!

Orlando Bloom walking through an airport looking cool and comfortable. His bomber jacket’s great (I think St Laurent?)!
LA. Image- getty images

I’m not a huge fan of this girl’s tennis shoes and socks, but I can’t hate it because she literally exudes nonchalant cool.
Copenhagen Fashion Week, August 2016. Image-

Great jacket, great shoes, great grey t-shirt, great pants… hell, even great hair. Good work sir.
London. Image- Jonathan Price for

This guy’s definitely feeling chilly, but looks good with his well styled jacket and striped shirt.
London. Image- Jonathan Pryce for

How a stylish woman runs her errands in NYC. Cool and comfortable with a great bag, she looks great!
New York. Image-

India’s not the 1st place to come to mind when you think of stylish Western clothing, but there’s a huge group of trendsetters over there! Look at this man. Every piece he’s wearing is cool and they all work together. Those pants… I wouldn’t mind finding out where to get a pair.
Mumbai. Image-

Ana’s always going on about great accessories adding to your look, and I think this small Louis Vuitton bag is a great example of that. Really simple, really sleek and very modern with the chain placement and updated monogram. It’s easy to see why this is a popular style among the fashion crowd.
Copenhagen Fashion Week, August 2013. Image-

My best,


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