Jewel of the Month

Fleurs d’Opales Ring- a black opal, purple sapphire,tsavotite and amethyst ring by Chopard

Chopard Fleur d'Opales ring.  Image CHOPARD

Chopard Fleur d’Opales ring. Image CHOPARD

Unveiled during the 2015 Fall Couture Week in Paris, this ring is one of the first pieces to be shown from Chopard’s ‘Fleurs d’Opales’ capsule collection, a selection of six floral style rings centered by stunning Australian black opals. This ring depicts a magnificent flower with a 24.3 carat cabochon opal center, nestled among an oval band of textured blue titanium stamens and surrounded by curling purple titanium petals set with amethysts and purple sapphires. Mounted above a circle of textured green titanium leaves, the flower sits atop a curling 18 carat white gold band, set with tsavorites, that curves around the finger like a stem.

Chopard Fleur d'Opales ring.  Image CHOPARD

Chopard Fleur d’Opales ring. Image JEWELSDUJOUR.COM

An exceptional offering, the Chopard’s Fleurs d’Opales collection is particularly notable for its kaleidoscopic colour palette and lifelike shapes, which were achieved through a mix of gold, titanium and zirconium mounts. Although it can be seen as unusual to mix precious metals with those of a lesser value, titanium has commonly been used in jewelry production for years. An exceptionally light and malleable metal, titanium is incredibly hard and durable, allowing jewelers to create light, ultra- thin mounts that will retain their shape even when heavily studded with gemstones. It can also be coloured in a wide range of hues to match gemstones, accentuating their brilliance and radiance, and allowing the gems to appear to be invisibly set. Zirconium (a lustrous silver-gray metal) is also extremely light and hard, allowing jewelers to create precise, elaborate forms in all sorts of fanciful shapes. Mixed with precious gold, they create dreams, such as these made by Chopard.

Chopard Fleur d'Opales ring.  Image CHOPARD

Chopard Fleur d’Opales ring on display in Moscow. Image INSTAGRAM

Chopard used both metals extensively throughout the Fleurs d’Opales, creating airy leaves, stamens and flower petals that brought all attention to the gorgeous opals at the flowers’ centers. Long considered a mystical stone, the allure of the opal has rarely appeared more mesmerizing it has in this collection. Opals, with their intense and vibrant plays of color, are powerful, subtle stones, which capture both the eye and the imagination with their iridescent colours and elusive refractions.

Chopard Fleur d'Opales ring.  Image CHOPARD

Chopard Fleur d’Opales ring on display in Moscow. Image INSTAGRAM

Australian black opals are the most valuable stones in this gem family and are prized for their dark base colour and rich iridescent fire. The stones used in this collection are especially rare with rich blue- grey base colours and a full spectrum of rainbow highlights. They’re also ethically mined and entirely traceable to their source mine.

Chopard Fleur d'Opales ring.  Image CHOPARD

Model Cheyenne Tozzi wearing the first three pieces of Chopard’s Fleur d’Opales collection. Image INSTAGRAM

Chopard’s Fleures d’Opales is a gorgeous collection, a perfect combination of dreamy romanticism and contemporary artistic savoir-faire. Though all six rings are gorgeous, this piece is my favourite of the series. Its vivid colours and mesmerizing core make it one of the most stunning pieces of opal jewelry created in recent years and I’m in love.

Xx – Ana

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